True Life Jail/Prison Story

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    Just want to know if any of you have an real life experience jail/prison story: What goes on there..Straight/Bi etc. My buddy is now under lock down since 1997 he will be coming out in August...He is not much of a talker and he does want to talk about it. Just curious! I know he can't get pussy up in there so something have to gives..

    I am not you out on the served you time and its the PAST! Just wanna know what real goes on there from you view or short stay.

    :smile:Curious Fellow
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    My last incarcerational was very brief and lasted a mere week. Okaym it was 3 weeks and then I was placed on probation (which extends through the start of next year). Come to think on it that was the only time I got locked up for more than a night or 2. MY lockups have involved naughty behavior and bad behavior connected to othere matters (booze). Due to physical issues I was kept seperate for my own well being. Not sure what may have occurred otherwise. I was treated reasonably well the last time through and almost enjoyed the food, there was no sexual contact (unless they got to me before I came to).

    I have a few friends who have served longer stretches of time, (one spent 30 years in and out of the federal prisons for bank robberies) and they are fairly quiet on what happened. I suppose how things proceed depend on the person, where they are locked up, what they are incarcerated for and how the othere prisoners are. The guy who was in and out for 30 years, is not the sort to mess with and I have seen him when angry--nobody in their right mind would try to do anything to him--or turn him down if he made the demand.
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