True life "You might be a redneck" moments.

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    I know the Foxworthy redneck thing has run its course, but the other day I saw something that made think I was witnessing a true life redneck moment. I was sitting at a stop light as a funeral procession went by. The procession was being lead by a few motorcycle cops and each vehicle in the procession had a small funeral flag stuck on the hood or roof. First came the hearse, then a few limos, followed a few nice large sedans. Nothing out of the ordinary. Now what come by in the middle of this procession just blew me away. It was a $500 Ford truck pulling a $25,000 bass boat. Now I've seen procession where the decedant was a bike rider, old car collector, fireman, policeman, etc., and there were many people in the processioin driving old restored care, motercycles, or firetrucks, etc., but never a lone bass boat!

    I could just hear Foxworthy in my head, "If you have ever pulled a bass boat in a funeral procession, you might be a redneck."

    Anyone else experience a true life redneck moment they'd like to share?

    Side note: When I told this story to my father-in-law, who has absolutely NO sense of humor, he replied, " Well, you know, there is a lake about five miles down the road from Bunker Hill graveyard I've always wanted to try."
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