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True Story, Fun With Just Wife, Toys, Food Jacuzzi

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by bobbybatista, May 13, 2019.

  1. bobbybatista

    bobbybatista Sexy Member

    Sep 7, 2017
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    Well another wonderful day of fun as always.

    This time the wife just wanted me since her hubby was away. She said we don't need him all he does is fuck you and gag you with regular cock. I'm after your cock more. We loved to talk hot to each other, it just adds to the heat and intensity for what was to come.

    We texted and spoke over the phone in the upcoming days and sent each other pictures of each other as well as said what we would like to try out. We have pretty much done it all but we decided that we would be meeting at her place around noon and then have some fun, then get ready to go to supper and then see where the evening takes us afterwards.

    So I arrived at her place and as always she greeted me naked and this time pulled me in and pushed me up against the wall and we made out as she fumbled to remove my clothes. Not much after she was on her knees with her lips now around my cock. I grabbed her hair with one of my hands and thrusted her up and down my cock. From time to time I pulled her away from my cock and shoved my fingers down her throat and said you need more saliva if you wanna be sloppy (this was one of the things she wanted done to her). I also spat in her mouth and made out with her too before she went back to work on my cock. She said she loved it. After a good ten minutes or so I said I'm hungry too. She smiled then I grabbed her form the hair and pulled her up the stairs on all fours and to the living room on the big sectional.

    Here I got her to lie down as I was still pulling her hair and I made out with her some more as my other hand was fondling her tits and pussy. Then I made my way down with my mouth and ate her out, she was so wet, she was already moaning, we knew how horny we were for each other as we had been talking about this for a week now. Her hips were moving up and down as I continued to lick her and I decided to put two fingers in her pussy. This drove her nuts. Then I went lower to her asshole and licked that too. I switched back and forth a few times. She was moaning a lot now. Then I said to her I can tell how badly you wanted my cock but now I'm gonna tease you longer. I rubbed my cockhead on her clit and pussy and asshole. This is also where I turned to the table full of toys and took the ball gag, I then gagged her a little with my cock to get her all sloppy before I out the ball gag on her.

    I then went back to eating her pussy and ass but this time I put her in the doggy position. I also decided to take a see through butt plug and lube it up to put in her ass. She maimed as I inched it in to it's final position. I then got under her in 69 and told her to remove that ball gag and gag on my cock. I wrapped my legs around her neck and head to force her and keep her down on my cock. The butt plug was twitching in her asshole and by now she also started to explore to my asshole with her tongue and fingers. After a few more minutes I pulled the butt plug out of her ass and I sucked it a little to put it back in. So hot. She then got off from on top and got a dildo and made me suck on it as I was still lying down and she told me to take it all the way and just let the spit come out. We loved it sloppy. She also decided to get a butt plug and out it up my ass.

    Soon enough she got in missionary and I went in her pussy as we both had butt plugs in us and we took the double ended dildo. We sucked on it from each end as I fucked her, we did meet in the middle a few times. But most of the spit went down to her face. After a few more minutes we both went butt to butt in doggy and fucked the double ended dildo. I loved bouncing off her ass, amazing. From time to time she also bent under herself to grab my balls and stroke my cock. We tried another king position with the double ended dildo. Once she got in the piledriver position with me on top and another time I was at the bottom. This was so hot. In all our years we have to done it. We did do ass to mouth as well.

    Then she wanted to fuck my ass with a slightly bigger dildo so she got her strap-on and I mounted on top of her after gagging on it a few times. I also made her out the butt plug back in her ass too. Here she started to slap me on my face and butt and she starting to call me names. Then I got a surge of extra hornyness haha and pulled the butt plug from her ass and I lied down and put it up mine and then made her mount me and I went up her ass. She said oh my you know just when to switch and we switched a few times like this. We both got even more horny than we already were. We were both sweaty and sloppy from the saliva and didn't wanna stop.

    We did lots more king positions and ass to mouth before finally cumming on her hot body after ninety minutes. We licked up the cum and shared it. Then we went up to the jacuzzi bathtub and just took it easy and talked. We did tease each other more of course. We slowly got out and took our time and then we decided to go for a little walk outside. It was a nice day and we spoke more and decided on what restaurant we wanted to eat at tonight.

    We headed back to the house and got ready to go out. At the restaurant we teased one another more and spoke dirty and didn't care if anyone around heard. We said the things that we really liked to do. Tonight I was gonna be staying the night so we were gonna try many things.

    After our supper we went home and tried the first thing we wanted to do and that was to put on a porno on the tv and copy what happened. So the wife was the girl in the porno we had never seen it before so it was fun and funny not know what to expect. It was just a very simple scene basically. Nothing to crazy. She gagged on me a little, I ate her out, then fucked her oussy then her ass in a few different positions.

    The next scene she picked out and I was the girl and she used her strap-on on me. It was interesting as a scene but nothing to crazy. It was easy to take. We liked the not knowing what they would do next but we might not do this again later on in the future.

    We then decided to give our bodies a little rest so we just cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie. We actually both fell asleep and woke up way after the movie finished.

    We laughed when we woke up and then had our energy again and were a little hungry. So now we spoke about this and were ready to make it fun.

    We went into the kitchen and boiled some hot dogs and let them cool. In the mean time we got plenty of other food ready for some fun.

    So we went in the basement for this one and did a sideway 69 where we played with each other's assholes and got them ready for the fun. First we fingered each other and then we decided to out some ping pong balls. We each out three and made them pop out slowly. We tried a different position where we would pop them into each other's mouth haha. Then went tried to pop them out into our own mouth. It was a challenge. The next thing we did was strawberries. We had removed the centers so they were ready to go up our asses. First I put them up hers as she lied down on the couch. She then pushed them out into a plate to eat. Then it was my turn and I did the same. Next was the hot dog. She put one up my ass and then fucked me a little with a strap-on to drive it deeper and then I had to force it out into a bun and then she tried to shove the bun in there and then pulled out and fed me some and her too. Did the same to her. We loved it. It was like the Olympics. The next thing we used was a banana. Now it would get messy. I put one up her ass as best I could without it breaking but it mush up and she made it come right out in my mouth. The next was a cucumber. We peeled it before and fucked each other with our own then took a bite ahaha. How's that for kinkyness with food.

    Then we just did a quickie to finish off before we cleaned and went to bed.
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