True story w/ questions... Size matters or does it???

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    I just wanted to share a true story with everyone and ask a few questions...

    Last night my wife and I went over a friends where she had a few drinks and got a decent buzz... Anyway to get to the meat of the story, we came back home around 10:30 pm, one thing led to another and we amazing passionate lustful sex after a 3 week dry spell. As I entered in her I remember hearing her moan, "ouch" as I slid my head into her. We were slow grinding I could feel every inch of her wrapped around my thick cock. It felt so good, I believe it is hard to make a woman cum when she has a buzz but she came within 5 minutes of slow grinding and me concentrating on her movements to make sure I gave her what she wanted and what she needed.

    Now to get to the point of my story If you have read my previous posts, I've mentioned that she never let me raise her legs above her head because it hurts her. As we were making love passionately I raised one of her legs on my shoulder and she just moaned and told me no and had had a look of pain on her face as she lightly pushed back against my stomach. I assured her I would not completely enter her and she gave it a shot and after 2 or 3 strokes decided that we shouldnt do it. Well then the unthikable happend, we were completely in tune with eachother kissing deeply and stroking slowly but deeply and she came really hard and was convulsing all over and as she was convulsing she told me, "Give it to me like you've been wanting to." I couldn't believe what I hear, but I raised both legs on my shoulders and pounded her without hesitation. As I was taking long deep strokes she screamed loud, saying things such as, "your dick is so big", "oh yes!!", "ohhh baby its so big" and she would make a quiet like sigh with every stroke as if I was taking her breath away but handled it really well. As I kept stroking her hard and deep she told me that I have such a big dick and told me to look at how big it is as i was sliding it in and out. Which really turned me on and I couldnt help but cum. As I came she just laid their drained with her eyes closed and every few seconds she would jump or move like she was sensitive. Especially when I place my hand on her body. Needless to say I was very pleased and she really rocked my world and I'm curious as to whether or not I rocked hers because she never really said, she fell asleep shortly after.

    This brings me to my questions... based on my story do you think she was thourougly pleased? If so what would be the key "definative" indicators.

    She tends to says things such as she did in our love making session but I'm not sure if she is just saying it to boost my ego, to make me cum, or if she really means it. How do I know if she means what she says?

    When a girl has a hung or above avg guy and the session is over, can the woman feel her vagina contracting back to "normal" size? If so what type of reaction do you have, are you sensitive, etc...

    Please share your answers as well as similar experiences.
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    My vote is that your wife enjoyed herself. :tongue:

    Sounds like you did too. :wink:
    Congratulations :beerchug:

    Now go do it again. :151:

    That will probably be much more satisfying than reading about someone else's sex life.

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