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    I finally got the DVD of "Sex in the City" . I had to mention this, because it was so appropos. I believe the episode ( first season) was entitled " Bay of Married Pigs"
    Carrie is invited to stay for the weekend in the Hamptons with a married girlfriend and her husband. On her first morning there her eyes are assaulted by the unexpected sighting of her friend's husband standing in front of her bedroom door in no hurry to move sporting a cup of coffee, a hanes t-shirt and a smile. He had obviously forgotten something or not. Later, she mentioned her shock to her friend. Of course, instead of the friend reprimanding her husband she found her weekend cut unceremoniously short. On returning to the city, she was having lunch with the girls and on regaling them with the story, she was asked the big question about dimensions. At that most opportune time, the waiter arrived at the table with a pepper grinder. Carrie leaned her head in to suggest the similarity. At that point Samantha on being asked if she would like some fresh pepper says . "Yes, a thousand times, yes! I think all of us would like some fresh pepper! " LOL!

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    I haven't seen more than a few episode of SITC, but I watched one a few nights ago in which the character Samantha was about to have sex with a new catch who, as he was getting undressed (she was already on the bed waiting for him) told her "...out of fairness I have to warn you about something."

    She asked what and he told her he was really 'well endowed'. She said "great" or something like that. He said "no, it's really big".

    "Ding ding." was her response.

    No, he said, it was "really huge and some women can't handle it".

    "I'm not like most women," she said smiling.

    Then he dropped his pants and faced her and she just stared at it, looking very uncomfortable.

    I suspect a few guys in at LPSG have been here (not me, though).

    Later, talking it over with Carrie she complained that "you dated Big. I'm dating 'Too Big'".

    So I guess, even for Samantha, there is the concept of too much. I gather she's quite the insatiable sex maniac.
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    HORSEHUNGshowoff: I have gotten a similar response several times in the past the one I recall most was when my GF said she wanted to see it cause she knew it was Huge from feeling it but had never seen one so Big , so I was HARD like granite when I showed her and she just stood there mouth agaped aznd then looked kinda scared but was very excited also and started smiling then we kissed and she was real anxious to have sex THAT night and I was as well , that was the night I lost my virginity :)

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