Twitter and Facebook Can Make You Break Up....Part I

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    If you were born in the 20th Century you probably have a Facebook or a Twitter Account, unless you’re in a care home playing poker and betting on Hershey’s Kisses as rewards.

    Let me start off by saying I REALLY LOVE social media websites. I find them entertaining, useful and interesting.

    What’s a social media website (SMW)? It’s a site where you create a profile with all your information, pictures, videos, and general stats about you, other people do the same and you connect with them making a huge online cybernetic orgy!


    There are a lot of social media websites these days, but the most famous are:

    - Facebook.

    - Twitter.

    - Hi5.


    - YouTube (it’s not a social media website based on the other sites standards, but it’s STILL Social Media).


    - Blogs (WordPress, Blogger)

    These are the most common and the ones that have the most traffic. I myself have all of these, you can even find my Facebook account link on the left side of this website (Add Me!).

    Why do I think these websites are GREAT? well for starters you can share with your friends a lot of cool info and content, amazing pictures and videos that would be more difficult if you had to copy them to a CD and share it with your friends. With SMW you have to upload the content to your profile page and BAM! all your friends have instant access to it. Isn’t that the best invention after sliced bread or what!?

    SMW also allow you to keep in touch with people you’ve had a long time without reconnecting, plus lets face it, we know A LOT of people and most them we don’t really talk to on a daily basis, but with one of these sites, you definitely have a more direct link.

    It has it’s ups, but it also has it’s DOWNS.

    SMW are gossip minefields!. It’s like having People Magazine publish an article about you and the whole world watching and commenting. It can become a little bit too much sometimes if you don’t take the necessary precautions. People that share their profile a little bit too publicly and without no restrains, often find themselves prisoners of their own lives.

    Now, you’re probably asking, Joseph, dude, what do SMW have to do with relationships, and with MY PARTICULAR relationship?

    Well you must know that these websites are causing more than 40% of the breakups in relationships these days, and that’s A LOT!. Here’s how the relationship dynamic work in social media websites:

    You get a long time woman friend contact you for the first time, she goes on about how nice it is to find you after all these years. Everything’s ok at that point, but she then starts commenting on your photos, your girl obviously asks who’s that girl? you tell her. Then the friend posts inconspicuous comments on your profile leading your girl to feel insecure about what’s going on. She confronts you and it all begins.

    That’s just ONE of the ways, it could be the other way around, you getting mad at her because there’s some guy that’s making not so respectful comments on her profile and pics.

    Then you have what I call the Tag Death. In Facebook particularly you can “tag” someone, or get tagged by someone. If that person has a picture where you appear, he/she can tag you. Something very common that I see happening which costs a lot of fighting is the “Invisible Tag?” principle. That’s when someone tags you on a picture or video that you DO NOT appear.

    I remember a friend that got into a HUGE fight with his girlfriend that lasted more than a week, because a girl friend of his, tagged him in a VERY provocative picture where the girl didn’t have much clothes on. His girlfriend got FURIOUS because she couldn’t understand WHY IN THE WORLD did she have to tag him in that picture. It didn’t help that he was the ONLY ONE tagged. Bummer!

    But there’s a way around dealing with this. I’ve created an AWESOME technique to avoid having relationship problems caused by social media websites, and IMPROVING your relationship using them.

    Check the next blog post for a keynote video presentation of this MIND BLOWING technique.

    Watch out for wild tags!


    For part II

    you can watch it here
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