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    Last night I was surfing the satellite system and found two movies with two actors I've lusted over. Fortunately I was able to watch both since they were on at different times.
    The first one featured Jamie Bell in the 2004 movie "Undertow". I first saw him in "Billy Elliott" and thought he was cute - although young. Then he had a role in "King Kong" and turned me as he was now older. In "Undertow" he plays in the rain in his briefs. (Had I had it on DVD, I could have paused this scene to see if I could spot a VPL.)

    Next was Brad Renfro who I was saw in 1994's "The Client" and later on "Bully." Last night's movie was the 2002 "Deuces Wild" and even though he has aged and gained weight, he is still sexy. I know he has been in and out of trouble with the law lately but hope he doesn't become another Jan-Michael Vincent" and let his body and appearance go to pot.
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