Two-minute Warning

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    I awoke to Jen knocking on my bedroom door. “Cassie, are you going to work today?” It took me a second to realize what was going on. Jen knocked again. “Cassie, it’s almost eight. Are you okay?” I finally began to focus. “Yes. I’m fine. I just overslept. I’ll call you later.” Jen chirped something inaudible, followed by the apartment door shutting. Shit. I was not going to make it to work on time. As the haze in my head began to clear out, I realized my ass was stuck to the sheets. What the hell? It was cum. My ass was stuck to the bed with dried cum. And apparently quite a lot of it. The events of the night before started replaying in my mind.
    Russ was a football freak, and he came over to my place to watch the Monday night game. We didn’t even make made it through the second quarter. I had been rubbing his chest and occasionally “dropping” my corn chips between his legs, which meant I had to root around his balls to find the lost chip. Before long his hands were up my shirt and he was crushing his huge dick against my thigh. Knowing that Jen was out for the evening and we would be alone, I was wearing a loose tanktop and some tight boy shorts. I like the way my boy shorts give just the right hint of camel-toes. I was freshly shaven and feeling extra sexy.
    Before the two-minute warning, we were naked in my bed. Russ has a very nice cock. It’s just the right proportions. His soft six inches hardens up to a perfect eight, with a thick head and perfectly smooth shaft, and I can take it all. Russ also has the ability to bend his completely hard cock straight down. He says cumming with it that way feels like there’s twice as much pressure and relief. I have a gift of my own: a huge clit. I never knew it was that big until Russ told me it was way above average. We got online to do some “research,” and he’s right, it’s much bigger than most. I love it when he goes down on me. I like to tease him that he gives great head.
    As soon as we were in bed, Russ made a joke about being a quarterback and me being the center, and we were going for two. I said I had something else in mind to start out with. I lied down on my back and spread my legs wide open. I told him to scoot on up close and rub his dick head on my clit. He was already oozing with pre-cum, so he had me slicked up very quickly. My clit instantly stood erect, and what I told Russ to do next gave him a bit of a shock. I told him to push his dick against the tip of my clit and make it slide into his urethra. He was able to point his cock straight down, and with some gentle strokes, my clit disappeared inside his purple cock head. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I held very still as he made tiny little strokes, fucking his own penis with my clitoris. Within a minute the waves of orgasm swept through me, causing me to shudder and gasp. The expression on Russ’ face turned almost frantic as he pushed harder against me and his ejaculation seemed to roar through his shaft like a ballistic missile aimed for world destruction. His cum came to the end of his cock with nowhere to go but to slam into my aching clit. Like putting your finger over a garden hose, the cum sprayed out in every direction. My pussy, legs, and belly were covered. Spurt after spurt gushed out, making the mess bigger with each jet. Finally his load was spent, and he fell to rest on top of me, making a squishy splattering noise as his belly met mine.
    After a moment, he slid down and began giving me oral, even as I continued to shudder from my first orgasm. I was amazed as he slurped up his own jiz, both sucking my clit and gently blowing on me, causing the wet cum to turn cold on my skin. What an incredible sensation! In only a couple of minutes Russ was fully erect again. He told me it was his turn to make up the rules. He pushed my legs up toward my shoulders and told me to aim my pussy to the ceiling. He stood up on the bed and turned away from me, then spread his legs as he pointed his dick down toward my waiting cunt. The head of his cock parted my pussy lips as he lowered his body down, pushing the entire length of that dick deep into my wet hole. For the next ten minutes he flexed his strong thighs up and down as I watched from the perfect vantage point while his shaft slid in and out of my pussy. Each time he hit the bottom of his stroke, his balls slapped against my swollen clit. I was going crazy at the sight and feeling the anticipated waves of the next orgasm build inside me. Without notice Russ let his weight down with more force and stopped, filling my pussy with his huge dick and crushing his balls against my pink button. As if in stereo, we both let out a wailing gasp of orgasmic relief. I pushed up as he pushed down. We were locked in a frenzy of thrusting against each other, neither willing to stop. As his balls flexed and pumped themselves empty of their second load, my convulsing pussy seemed to suck their juice until there was no more. Russ’ thigh muscles were quivering from the exertion, and when his second tsunami of cum finished flooding into my vagina, he collapsed next to me in bed. We rested together beneath the covers, breathing heavily and enjoying the sensation of our wet skin touching.
    I must not have moved all night. Russ was gone. He had to be to work early, and he must have slipped out silently. Jen woke me up, and now I was stuck to my bed with a double-shot of cum from the guy who could shoot more of it than anyone I knew. 8:05 a.m. I was late. I peeled myself from the sheets, realizing it was a good thing I was clean-shaven. I began filling the bathtub and called the office. “Christy, will you reschedule my morning appointments? I had a rough night. I’ll be in around noon.”
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    DAYUM that's one helluva hot story, ya got me all hot and bothered now, dude, and now I gotta go to work!!!! fucker!
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