Two new 'First's'

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    Jun 22, 2010
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    Today I experienced two new 'First's' for me, as I begin to prepare myself for an 'experience' perhaps in the near future.

    I always wondered what it was like to have an enema so the wekend I bought a 20ml syringe tube. This morning while my wife was in town I stipped off went into the bathroom and put loads of lube around and in my ass. I filled the syringe with warm water a bit of olive oil we had and knelt on my knees with my ass high in the air. The syringe slipped easy in and I felt my first squirt in my ass. WOW, I thought it was awesome and my cock swelled at the feeling. It seemed to go nowhere so I did it 10 more times and I could feel it swirling inside me as I wiggled my ass. I loved it and found it a real turn on. I stayed there a few minutes then sat on the toilet and expelled it all. I did this 3 times and on the third time my ass was squeaky clean.
    Then I went into our bedroom and got out my small anal plug and my wife's G Spot vibrator. It looked really thick and I was apprehensive. I lubed up the small anal plug and my ass and lay on my back with my legs wide open. It slipped in really easy so after five minutes or so I lubed up the vibrator real good and tried that. I could not get it in on my back so went on all fours with my head buried in the pillow and my ass up in the air. With the 90 degree bend on the end of the vibrator it made it really thick but, with plenty of lube, relaxing my muscles it soon slid into my ass. I felt quite stretched, though not over stretched, which surprised me. I managed to get it in six inches before I could feel it bottoming out.
    What it means is that I could take an 'average' 6 inch and normal girth cock in my ass without any pain. With the right person who was clean I would love to feel sperm shooting into my ass. That's good because now I KNOW when the right opportunity arises I am going to ready for both enema and having my first cock in my ass. Quite exciting really. I think about it almost all day every day. But I must get it right... only the right person will get to fuck me and only I will be the one to know that. Maybe I will bottle out, I don't know but, if the feelings of this morning are anything to go by.... no way, I am going to enjoy it.
    I did not get any of this prostrate feeling, probably because I did not really look for it. I just enjoyed what happened. I am sure there are loads who can relate to this first episode.
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