UK Jobs for UK Slobs

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    I aint a politition, I'm too well hung, jeez I can't even spell it : but these refinery strikes seem to me to be a bit self defeating. The more the strikers appear on TV, and the Italian blacklegs as well, the more the two simply don't compare. On the one hand a bunch of balding, ciggie puffing, pleading slobs - on the other, serious faced, olive skinned young bloods from the mezzogiorno who would no more smoke a cigarrette than wear a Dolce & Gabbanna suit without loafers ! I mean the refinery at the centre of the strikes is in Killingholme ! A village dubbed The Toughest Village in Britain and given its own TV documentary lauding its psychotic inhabitants

    YouTube - Toughest Villages In Britain 1/5

    Quote "This is a naughty little village, theres some tough nuts round 'ere"

    "They're savages"

    "Townies beware"

    "Don't even look at my land"

    "It's my main weapon, the strimmer"

    Lets face, after years of mass unemployment, when skilled workers avoided training youngsters for fear of losing their jobs to them (funding for 10,000 aprentisships go begging every year in the UK because no-one can be found to do themselves out of a job), after years of the glass ceiling decending on the poor - we're finished, why bother crying about it. We voted for it.
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