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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by perthjames, Feb 2, 2006.

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    This show looks interesting to say the least...

    The World's Biggest Penis
    No doubt about it, society celebrates the big penis. Seen as a sign of adequacy, virility and manliness, those lucky enough to be well endowed are heralded by both sexes and all sexualities. As women have always maintained, and men have always thought, size matters, but not in the way that most of us imagine. Sometimes having a Big Johnson is a bigger problem than you'd guess. Meet the men, including the man claiming to have the World's biggest penis, who reveal there is a bittersweet side to nature's gift, and who lift the veil on a taboo subject and to show the reality of what it's like to have what all men dream of.
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    I was surprised how tedious I found this documentary. If it hadn't been for the commentary by a lady whose name I forgot and the fantastic Mark Simpson who is my second biggest crush at the moment after the gorgeous Dr. Rock, honourable member of this site, I would probably have switched off. His observations were as always sooo mouth-watering interesting.

    One of the things that Mark mentioned was something I’ve been asking myself. That in this age when teens have such an easy access to porn where even the big cock is not enough but we are sold the monster cock, what is the effect that is going to have in these guys who, must of them, will grow into adults with an average size cock.

    I find this site so enjoyable that I imagined that a TV program dedicated to the subject would be entertaining at the least. The truth was that hearing other people talking solely about their cock was boring as hell. Perhaps one of the reasons why I found some of the guys in the program so unappealing was that I was able to imagine how pathetic I must look when I get in that mode where I make my whole world spin around the size of my dick.

    The participants came across as self-obsessed, troubled, unable to find loving relationships. Surprisingly the most interesting one was Jonah who seemed more prepared to open up and show us the less appealing side of himself. The others mainly told anecdotes about the ooohs and aaahs they provoke in men and women.

    It goes to show that even for a documentary about big cocks, having a big one doesn't make you automatically an interesting subject.

    All in all I am glad that the documentary was made and as to the few minutes that the program dedicated to show one of the characters browsing the LPSG website, I am sure that it will boost the number of memberships on this site, for better or for worse.
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