Underwear trade?

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    I have a bunch of medium Hanes, Jockey, and Starter boxerbriefs I've worn over the years. Would love to trade them with someone, especially a *heavy* precummer. I'd love to get back some boxerbriefs or trunks with pouches that have been soaked and drenched in precum and are still wet - especially a color that really shows the wet spots (major fetish for precum/cum wet spots in underwear). Maybe even a set of pics, vid, or Skype of you wearing them under some jeans or track/sweat pants, rubbing and grinding away until the underwear is soaked through and has made a wet spot through the pants too? Also love white boxerbriefs with pouches that are still *lightly* yellow after washing from so much precum/cum in their life (nothing too grossly dark, stain-wise). PM, email, reply here. Let me know! Preferably North American due to required shipping time. :)
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