Unintentionally Sexy Moments With Clothes Or Situations

Discussion in 'Underwear, Clothing, and Appearance Issues' started by WellHung83, Jun 20, 2009.

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    Have you ever had those moments where you are at the gym in the locker room or the showers, or maybe even waiting for a train to work or even on the train in peak morning traffic and you see or witness a guy or girl doing something so unintentionally hot or sexy yet it makes you hard as a rock ?

    This has happened to me a couple of times. Once, when I was coming out of the showers at my gym after a hard and exhausting spin class I caught sight of this Monster look a like just drying himself off before getting changed. He was just scrubbing his short black hair dry and humming to himself and not intentionally sexy at all, but seeing this tight and cut body being so relaxed and carefree standing there right in front me got me all hot and bothered. And just the cheerfulness this guy excluded as he was drying off his hair and smiling just a little was really, sorry it has to be said, cute lol :biggrin1: Also having a nice round bubble butt helped :wink:

    Another time was when I was squashing in the peak hour city loop to take myself to work and getting crushed in between these two suited businessmen and, because of how tight their slacks were and how they were just so blase about the whole thing, seeing their perfectly sized bulges and those high and tight bums packed into those grey and black pants was a sight to behold and I am sure I was staring way more that I should of.
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    at a gym... in the locker room... this 20 yr old guy in his boxers wid a towel on his shoulder.... using a Q-tip...
    so innocent yet so sexy...
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