Unique Adult Toy Gift For a Special Guy! Ideas, Suggestions?

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    I'd like to buy an adult toy as a gift for a mature man I am seeing casually, something we can both use in the bedroom, but primarily for him. He has already purchased several adult toys for me so that when we are together for our fun-loving "playdates," it's usually all about me, getting me to feel good, and off, over and over again. I know he loves buying fun toys to try with me, to see what I respond to, however, he doesn't seem to buy anything for himself for us to enjoy like what we're doing with me. We are in the very early phases of our sexual relationship still, so there's much exploring yet to do, however, we have already reached some fantastic intimacy in a short period of time. It started off that way, and just continues to go deeper (pun intended)!

    I've used some flavored massage oils and made great use of that, however, I'm feeling the urge to do something a bit different, get something for and surprise him, perhaps we can use together, and he may also use when he's alone. I've made some innocent inquiriews previously to try to determine some of his preferences, but the chat always seems to come back around to me, as he says, "its about you!" I suppose he really gets turned on by playing with all the adult toys, getting me off, that he tends to forget about himself, I feel. I'm not complaining in the least and I'm very thankful, I'm just feeling like I'd like to do something very special for him too (in addition to an always amazing blowjob!), something perhaps he's never had before, and will think of me too when we're not together. Believe it or not, we are much the same, preferring to give of one another, see that the other is very much satisifed, and attempting to fulfill the other's needs in a big way, and we're both very satisifed with the fruits of our labor; I feel the need to give a bit more perhaps.

    Any suggestions of something fun, different, new in the toy world that might knock his socks off ?! Besides introducing another woman into the typical 3-some scenario, any ideas what some men might enjoy that's different nowadays? :biggrin1: I like to avoid mundane but to keep things interesting usually, keep the spark and excitement alive, and always have him looking forward to something exciting! :rolleyes:

    Thanks, friends!

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    I gotta say it... a two-headed dildo! it would be different.
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