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    "Have you ever wrestled, like in high school or college or something?," Drake asked after Paul introduced him then left him there with me. Swarthy looks, face covered in a thick, tidy black beard, not real tall but wiry, tight looking. A rock climber? Maybe a surfer.

    "Nope," I grunted at him. I tend to do best with men my own age and I was probably twice his years.

    "You look pretty strong, like a professional wrestler or bodybuilder. Maybe you're a weightlifter?" He followed me outside where most of the other guests were. "I can tell, even through your tux. Do you workout?"

    I found a spot at Paul's table and Drake dragged another chair over and wedged it in next to me. "So, do you? I try to but I can't seem to put on any size. I'd love to get to your size. What do you weigh?"

    "More than you, kid." I wasn't used to his obvious lack of personal space and it grated on me. The way he had wedged himself between my seat and the next left me fighting for both leg and elbow room.

    "That's easy to see!" he said enthusiastically. "You must be at least 230 or 240. I'm 168 this morning. I'm pushing myself toward 180, that's the goal I set myself for this year."

    I allowed that I was 252 pounds according to the scale at The Iron Room.

    "Two hundred and fifty-two, wow, that's huge! That place is hardcore for big guys. Are you a bodybuilder then? Have you ever competed?," Drake asked.

    His enthusiasm was not entirely unwelcome. I spent considerable time and effort in the gym and paid careful attention to the nutrition and supplement part of my training. Yeah, I considered myself a bodybuilder. I smiled a little when I looked at him. "I dunno, I mostly just lift a bit to keep active."

    Drake had his leg right up against mine and our shoulders rubbed most of the meal. I tried to ignore the intrusion but I couldn't ignore his fascination with muscle. He probably had me pegged the second he saw me here. "I'd love to lift with you sometime," he said. "Think you'd mind giving me some pointers?"

    "Sure, if you'll give me some space, big guy." I nudged my shoulder against his and he almost went over in his chair. I couldn't help but laugh when his eyes grew wide.

    He leaned into me and lowered his voice. "Dude, you're like a stone wall! Would you take your jacket off for me?"

    No one was really paying us any attention so I thought what the hell, give the kid a thrill. It was June, the wedding was kinda boring and I was getting warmer by the minute. I pushed my chair back and stood. A quick glance showed me that more than half the men there were already more casual. I folded my jacket neatly over the back of my chair.

    "I knew it!," Drake gushed. "You ARE a bodybuilder!"

    My arm was pressed against his again and I flexed my triceps. "Kid, I just try to keep in shape."

    He smiled and whispered, "You're teasing me, huh? You shouldn't. Could be that I have to show you who's boss."

    I laughed loudly enough to cause some looks at Drake's humor. The kid really had balls. I smiled at him but he had lost his smile. "Hey, don't be upset, I wasn't expecting that!," I said apologetically but he was already standing and turning toward the mansion where the ceremony had taken place earlier.

    I felt bad at hurting his feelings and by the time he was nearly through the doors I was hurrying to catch up. Stupid kids, volatile emotions! I got to the door as he was climbing the main staircase. "Drake!," I called out.

    He either ignored me or didn't hear. I went up and found myself in a long hallway of doors. Most were open and unfurnished. The few that has furniture were still unused looking. I guessed that this was storage or meetings or something. Near the end of the hall Drake was sitting in a room with just two chairs at the window.

    "Hey man, I apologize. I've only just met you and don't know what to say." I waited for him to look up.

    "Nah, don't worry about it. Happens all the time. You big fuckers don't really pay us little guys any respect." He looked angry still.

    I sat down and said, "Hey, go ahead. Ask me anything."

    He gave me a quizzical look and said, "Anything? Anything at all?"

    "Yep. No shit. I'll give you plain answers."

    "Well, um, how old are you?"

    "48 last month. How old are you?"

    "23. How long have you been bodybuilding?"

    "Since I was in my 20s. I was a skinny guy and wanted to be like Charles Atlas. He was my idol and the first time I'd ever seen such a muscular man."

    "So why would you give me such a hard time? I'm just trying to learn how to get big!"

    "I said I'm sorry, just ask me more." I didn't want him dwelling on his hurt feelings.

    "How big are your arms?," he asked and reached over and squeezed my upper arm with both hands.

    I flexed it in his grip. "I can get em pumped up to 21 1/2 inches on arm day."

    "Wow, no kidding? I don't think my thighs are bigger than that!" His excitement seemed to returning. I was glad.

    "So I get to ask you anything, also?" I grinned at him.

    "Well I'm not done but sure. Have you ever competed?"

    "No, I don't think that's for me."

    He looked puzzled. "Then why do it? Why go through all the hard work to gain so much muscle?"

    I thought for a second. "I just do it to satisfy myself."

    He didn't look convinced. "You never posed for anyone?

    "Well, yeah I've done that."

    "Did you enjoy it? Was it for a man or a woman?"

    Ok, he was going to get personal. "I've posed for quite a few people and all of them were men. And yeah, it was very enjoyable." I felt my cock twitch as I said the last part.

    Drake smiled at me. "So what do you wear when you pose?"

    I knitted my brow a bit. "Usually I'll wear a pair of posing trunks." my cock twitched again and I felt myself fill out a little.

    "Dude, you mean those tiny speedos the guys wear onstage? Those cover hardly anything! It doesn't embarrass you to wear 'em in front of people?"

    The truth was that I like showing off my hard work but it's usually with other bodybuilders and we all wear those posing straps. "Well Its not a lot of people. And when I'm doing my thing I kinda forget about what I'm wearing." My cocked throbbed and I grew a bit more. I thought about the posing trunks I had on under my slacks. My blue ones. They fit me best and really showed my legs high up. But this kid wasn't my target audience. I saved the privilege of the muscle show for men who earned it.

    "Can you take off your shirt for me?," he asked next.

    "Look kid, I'm not gonna strip for you. But if you want to come workout with me sometime I'll be glad to do that." I said and stood up.

    Drake stood also. "Where are you going? I'm still talking to you." He stood right in front of me.

    I chuckled. "Ok, I'm going to get my jacket and go. You enjoy the rest of the reception, Drake."

    "Oh, you aren't leaving yet. You have to take you're shirt off first." Drake grabbed at my sleeve.

    I yanked my arm away but heard the material rip and felt the air on my arm. I took hold of his wrist and started to pull him toward me. "Hey, punk! What the hell?"

    He twisted in my grip like an eel and grabbed at my shirt again. I felt the rip in the center of my back. I spun to grab him but he backed away quickly. I lunged toward him and he ducked and grabbed my shirt again and ran. Most of the buttons flew off. "You little fucker!," I roared.

    He rushed at me again and I got tangled in the remains of my shirt. My bow tie kept it secured around my neck and the cuff links hadn't let go either. Drake grabbed the tattered sleeves hanging from my wrists and pulled my arms back with my hands trapped in the sleeves. I stumbled to my knees, completely off balance. Drake jumped on my back and locked his legs around my legs while he kept my arms back. I fell to my chest. The awkward position of my arms made it too hard to pull with any amount of strength and the material held. I felt him wrap it further around my arms. I rolled over onto my side and Drake lept off. My arms were tied. He glared at me grinning. I kicked a leg out at him and missed. He jumped over me and I tried to roll back to a kneeling position. I felt his foot on my ass and he shoved me back onto my chest. He was on my back again. I rolled again and he managed to get my belt loose. As he pulled hard I heard my front button pop and then the other buttons. I rolled back to my stomach and he rolled with me grabbing my trousers and pulling down. Now my legs were trapped too!

    I looked at him and saw his huge grin. He rolled me to my side and looked me over.

    "Damn, you are one hot hairy muscleman, daddy! Look at the size of your chest!"

    I growled as he reached for me. He went behind me instead and reached around to play with my nipple. I thrashed myself tired and he resumed his exploration of my muscle. He pulled me to a kneeling position and stood behind me feeling my chest as I breathed hard trying to recover. He grazed my nipples lightly and I felt shivers. They went hard and he made more effort there. My breathing slowed but was still heavy. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Your big chest likes my touch, huh?" I shook my head and gritted my teeth as he continued to play with my chest. My cock twitched.

    "Hey daddy," he breathed into my ear, "I think your posers are awesome! You wore those to show off for me didn't you?"

    I felt his hand on my ass.My cock throbbed again and expanded. "Oh god, your body is fucking amazing!" He went to the front of me and watched me flexing against the bonds holding me. "Look at the way your huge chest bounces when you flex!"

    I watched him watching me with open lust. His erection became apparent and was soon joined by a spot of precum. My own cock throbbed in reaction to his admiration and I was fully hard in my poser. I could feel the stretch and the air on my balls and I began leaking.

    "Daddy, you like showing off I see. You can tell how much I want your body and that turns you on, huh?"

    My cock throbbed more and the precum leaked through. Drake knelt again right in front of me. "I knew you were a big muscled man the second I saw you."

    I throbbed.

    "I knew I had to talk to you, find a way to see more of you. When you took off you jacket I KNEW you needed to know how much I could appreciate your beautiful muscle."

    My cock was leaking like crazy and pulsing out precum with every syllable.

    "Daddy, I'd hoped you'd be as big as I imagined but I had no idea that you'd be this ripped, this ready to show me, so muscled that I can count your abs and see veins across your chest!" His cock was straining to be released.

    My cock was approaching dangerous territory, I could feel my cum rising as I helplessly displayed my body and began enjoying it. I watched Drake stand and lower his zipper. "Oh fuck, daddy, I can't help it, I'm going to have to cum!" he pulled his cock from his pants and pointed his piss slit at my chest. The head flared wide a small drop of precum formed again.

    I flexed hard. This time I wasn't trying to break free, I was showing my muscles to a man who'd earned this show. He needed me and I was about to cause him to erupt. My cock throbbed even more and I felt it swell to its biggest dimensions. I watched Drake's piss slit open when he saw my most muscular pose with my traps standing high and my vascularity standing out like a web over my hairy, striated muscle. "Oh FUCK!" he shouted and I felt his first volley of thick cum hit me square in the chest. I roared my own release. I watched and match him squirt for squirt until we both collapsed.

    He snuggled up to my cum covered chest and rubbed my sweaty arms. "Hold still while I get you loose," he whispered.

    I whispered back, "Not yet, boss. Rest a moment."
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    MORE MORE MORE holy FUCK thats hot
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    Great story! It took a totally different turn from what I was expecting, and I love that. Looking forward to more.
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    Thanks men. I know there's a lot of scenario and not as much sex as many stories but I do like to keep it in the realm of possibility...
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    Can anyone suggest another site on which to publish a story like this where it might be better recieved?
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    musclegrowth.org (its the evolution archive muscle growth forum)
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