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vacation surprise


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Dec 30, 2009
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Florida (United States)
My gf and I were in the presidential suite at a beach resort enjoying the beach and surroundings. On the first day, we went to the secluded side of the beach where it is clothing optional.
A little hesitant as to what we would find, we turned the corner into a secluded spot where 20 other folks were enjoying the sun in various degrees of nudity.
An attendant brought 2 chairs and towels to us as my gf and I took off our tops and shorts revealing a micro bikini for her and a string with a pouch for me. Being active bodybuilders, we naturally drew attention from our fellow sun worshipers.
After a few minutes, my gf Alana and I decided to bare all. The feeling of the hot sun and breeze on our bodies had put us in the mood for anything. We went into the surf and played for awhile and when we returned to our chairs, there were two new couples laying on other sets of chairs and baring all.
We elicited admiring stares from the couples who struck up conversation with us; they were long time nudists even though they couldn't have been older than mid 20's. The couples were very well built in every area but we were clearly much more muscular which became a topic of conversation.
After enough sun and drinks, we invited everyone to our suite to relax and cool off.
As we served drinks to our guests, they sat around the coffee table and rolled a few smokes for us all to enjoy. We put on music and opened the balconey doors to let the warm breeze waft in.
Laying back with Alana on the couch, we were enjoying the buzz. Soon our guests began taking their clothes off so we joined them. The girls started sucking their guys' cocks so Alana followed suit then we switched partners and two petite honeys started working me over. One was a blonde and the other a redhead with carefully coiffed pussies; just enough natural hair to frame their otherwise beautiful lips and tiny openings. The redhead had especially puffy nipples-one of my favorite things-and I began sucking wildly on one side then the other as the blonde had me at my full length of 9x6. The blonde began riding me and the redhead lowered her sweet snatch on my tongue where I especially enjoyed the tight hole and ample lips.
After a few minutes, we took a break and as we sat on the couch, Alana was being serviced extremely well by the two studs. One was easily 8x7 and was entirely engulfed in Alana's cunt up to his balls. The other stud sported a 9x5 curved dick and was enjoying Alana's talented mouth.
Finally, they switched on Alana but took her from behind; my girls told me they would like to see me 69 alana while she was being fucked so I took my position under her cunt while she was being pounded from above and at the same time sucking my cock and that of the other stud.
As I continued to lick her clit and watch the cock pound her frothing cunt hole, I decided to go further and put my mouth over her clit and tongue the shaft as it moved in and out. The taste was incredible and the stud would pull his dick out now and then to allow me to suck his head. I could not feel one of the girls bouncing up and down on my cock while Alana sucked heartily as the other girl's cunt.
With no warning, the stud pounding Alana came like a canon inside while Alana yelled out how good the hot juice felt inside her pulsing pussy. He came for what seemed like 5 minutes and kept fucking her long after he had lost his cum inside her. I licked away and felt my own cum flooding the redhead as she rode me and screamed at the heat spewing from my rod.
We continued on for another hour in every position as everyone snowballed everyone's juice. At one point, I had picked up the redhead and while standing was lowering her onto my cock as I pummeled her relentlessly while her boyfriend was licking my shaft from below. After I came for the 3rd time that day into her spasiming cunt, her stud took every drop as it eventually leaked out of her cunt and cleaned my shaft and head.
Alana at one point was being serviced by the two studs and me while the other girls fingered and ate each others pussies.
What a great vacation surprise.