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    so i went to the urologist due to some problems with erections and they said my penis looked fine, however i am still noticing some issues.

    -erections are not very firm, cant stay straight out or up., sags down
    -it is somewhat hard to gain erections
    -cannot have sex more than one time in 4 hours
    -it is difficult to maintain erections without constant stimulation
    -i subconciously contract my PC muscle constantly to aid in getting and keeping an erection
    -i dont get hard morning erections
    -dont really feel much pleasure from shaft, need to stimulate head to cum
    -loss of sensitivity on shaft
    -head doesnt enlarge when erect
    -when i tried jelqing, blood seemed to leave my penis
    -vein on top of penis is very large all the time
    -lose erections without stimulation in under 2 min
    -lose erection fast after orgasm
    -cant go for round 2

    i used to over-masturbate, but have recently stopped/slowed this due to these conditions.

    i am young. 18

    i think i may have leaking veins or something and if the urologist said i look fine, i dont know what to do. any ideas are greatly appreciated.
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