Vaseline with Cocoa Butter...WOW!

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    May 15, 2010
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    I jacked off at a friend's place where I'm house-sitting this A.M. I saw he had a new kind of Vaseline on his night stand. It is Vaseline with cocoa butter. I opened the jar and smelled it and I felt my cock start to tingle!!!! So, I thought "Why not?" just for something different. WOW! What a surprise! What a feeling and what a sexy aroma as I was jacking in his bed. It was so slick and slippery. I held back from cumming twice because it felt so neat. When I popped it was like the top of my dick came off it felt so-o-o-o good! Yes, like regular ol' Vaseline it is sticky and messy to clean-up...but for a unique jack experience I HIGHLY recommend it!
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