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    My girl and I have agreed that we'd both be into having someone watch us fuck... Maybe even talk/direct us a little.

    I should have been much more proactive about posting this on LPSG, but I wasnt 100% my girl would want to go through with it until she confirmed this morning. We talked about propositioning a guy, couple, or small group (personally, 3 or 4 college jocks j/o together while watching us sounds awesome to me). I however thought throwing out an invite to any LPSG members in Vegas for the evening might be most fruitful for us in terms of attracting the type of voyeurists were looking for.

    Just to be clear... We DO NOT have any intention of engaging you sexually whatsoever. This is all for show. If you want to host a game of black jack or something beforehand... We wouldnt be opposed. Weve already gone through quite a bit of our gambling $$ and would definitely have fun playing with someone elses money.

    Weve got a suite @ the Encore and will be going to Surrender tonight... So we ptobably wont be looking for any play until after 2am. I will be checking responses through the evening via iphone, so dont hesitate to contact me. Must have full body pics in LPSG gallery for viewing (no surprises).
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