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    Does anyone know anything about this condition? I often go to another forum, where lots of guys seem to suffer from it. Some of them are still in their twenties. They are often told by their doctors that there is no cure for venous leakage, but surgery or a penile implant. Yes, you heard it: a penile implant. I think that would be the end of me. I don't think I would be able to function as a man, let alone as human being, with a penile implant in me. Does anyone know if there is an effective cure for venous leakage without an implant? I want to share some good news with the folks over there, before they resort to a penile implant.

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    The cause of ED is almost always venous leakage. The cause of the leakage can be many different things and that is what changes.

    There is a great deal that can be done for it and anyone who talks about implants in the beginning is a money grabbing idiot. I had a 45 year old friend who just went this route and we got him fixed as well.

    I was injured my friend in my teens. The injury resulted in a slow formation over a period of scar tissue which was in my case complicated additionally by advancing age.
    I went to a specialist and I now use Quadmix injections. My ED is very serious and the level is upper moderate. I do not respond well to oral medications at all for this condition.

    Here is the order of treatment for ED (venous leakage normally the cause)

    1. Oral Medications, Viagra, Levitra, Cialis

    2. Muse (transurethral pellet) Hate this one because it can cause urethritis

    3. Injection Therapy: This runs a wide range of levels. Some men can achieve an erection even after radical prostate surgery and a clean out. If it is even worse than that a combination of both oral and injectable is used. The strength of the injectable medications varies a great deal.

    I have relatively severe ED which does not respond well to orals, but, my dosage of injectable is relatively low. I can get hard as a "rock" and penetrate easily and have more fun than I did before I was injured and as a young teenager.

    If you want more information PM me and I will talk to you more one on one.


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