Verizon Store Manager Stole Intimate Photo

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    Teen: Cell Phone Store Manager Stole My Intimate Photo

    POSTED: 5:04 pm EDT May 8, 2008
    UPDATED: 6:59 am EDT May 9, 2008

    DUNWOODY, Ga. -- A Channel 2 Consumer Investigation may make you think twice about your cell phone and the secrets it contains.

    A Kennesaw State University student said someone at the cell phone store helped himself to her intimate self-portrait that had been snapped on her camera phone. Channel 2 has learned Verizon Wireless will now take steps to reinforce to their employees the importance of customer privacy. That move comes after what happened to 18-year-old Britney Lewin.

    “Not an employee but the head manager of the store…of that store, had the audacity to go through my phone and send that picture to himself. I could not believe it,” said Lewin.

    Channel 2 cropped the picture on Lewin’s cell phone to hide her bare stomach and underwear. She said she’d taken the photo after working out.

    “I realized that a picture I took, that I never sent to anybody, was in fact sent to somebody,” said Lewin.

    Lewin had dropped her phone off at a Dunwoody Verizon store for an emergency battery charge. Days later she happened to check her sent items. “I came across a number that I didn’t know,” said Lewin.

    The number received the picture as an attachment. The store manager wasn’t in when Lewin called the store to complain but she got his number. “It’s the exact same number that the picture was sent to on my phone,” said Lewin. “I freaked out.”

    Lewin said Verizon offered her new phones and a free month’s service. Since there is no telling how far into Cyberspace her photo has spread she’d like to warn others to check their phones when they leave the shop.

    “I just really feel hurt and invaded,” she said.

    A Verizon spokesperson called Channel 2’s Jim Strickland and confirmed Lewin’s story. The spokesperson said the manager of that Verizon store has been fired.

    Verizon also pledged that additional training and leadership communications will reinforce the importance of customer privacy.

    Spokesperson Karen Smith said, “Verizon Wireless has taken a leadership role on customer privacy. This was an isolated incident. We have made concessions to the customer to demonstrate our regret.”

    Verizon refused to identify their former employee. Channel 2 does know his phone has been disconnected.
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    Although his actions were deplorable (and perhaps criminal, we don't know all the details), Britney (!) should remember the rule: don't be a stupid OMFGH brat.

    She took her phone to the Verizon store, for an "emergency charge"? With "intimate" photos on it?

    Ya gets what ya pays for, dear.
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    I say if you are that stupid, you get what you deserve... who the hell leaves "intimate" images on their cell phone????? AND, who the hell lets their phone battery get that low?????
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