Virgin Love - part 2

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    As happens so efficiently at colleges, word got out immediately that I had "dumped" Ellie because I was in love with Jane. While I was still laying low, Ellie threw herself at everyone I knew. I realized that I didn't really care about what she did. However, Ellie made a point of spreading the information that Jane was a virgin and was saving herself for marriage. The effect was that guys avoided Jane like the plague and many women thought she was just a bit laughable. While she remained hot as hell and acted mature beyond her years, I could tell it was hurting her a lot.

    One of the effects of all this was that Jane and I got to spend more time together. Finally, she asked me if it was true that I dumped Ellie because of my feelings for her. I let her know in a tidal wave of words. I told her I was head over heals, that as much as I wanted to fuck around, I didn't want to lose the chance to be with her. That when I looked at her, my heart skipped a beat. That I was willing to wait as long as she wanted, as long as I could be with her. That she was the most amazing person I knew. She looked at me with loving eyes...and told me to leave.

    I was confused. "Why?," I asked. Jane said she needed time to figure things out.

    For the next few weeks, I barely saw Jane. In classes, at the cafeteria, but never alone for any length of time. I was a mess. Confused, pathetic, and more in love than ever, but now with a crack in my heart.

    Finally, Jane sent me a text, inviting me over to talk about things that night.
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    keep going, this could get good
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