Virgin Love - part 3

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    That night, I nervously went to Jane's room. She told me she had a lot to say and for me to please let her speak her mind. She told me her feelings for me were strong, that she had fallen hard for me. She also said she could not, at this point in her life, imagine giving up her virginity before marriage. She also said that she knew that sex was so importnat for me, that I felt the need to explore and "sow my wild oats." She paused, let out a long sigh, and said, that, even though she wanted more than anything to be in a relationship with me, that she could not and would not hobble me in a relationship without sex, that it wouldn't be fair to me, that she couldn't suppress that part of me.

    I was stunned. I told her I didn't care, that I could forgo sex, that I only wanted to be with her. I didn't care if I had to jerk off five times a day, that I'd rather be frustrated than to be without her.

    She asked if I was positive about that. When I told her yes, she pulled me close to her (for the first time, I felt her incredible breasts press against me, I could feel the tight muscles of her back, and, despite, the pathos of the situation, I could feel my cock begin to stir - talk about bad timing), and she said, "I just can't do that to you." She said, "That's what I've spent the past few weeks dealing with."

    She then pulled my face to hers and placed her perfect lips on mine. I was so confused - I was being rejected and making out and getting a hard-on. Nevertheless, I went with it, the passion growing, as Jane started to put her hands all over my body, to put my hands all over her body. What was going on? I didn't care. If this was the only time we would make out, I was going to feel and grope and reveal as much of her body as I could. She pulled my shirt over my head and she started to kiss down my neck, to my nipples ("sproing!"). I pulled her top off, released her bra, and saw those amaxing, full breasts, her large nipples.

    As we fondled and groped, as Jane rubbed my straining cock through my pants, and I reached under her skirt to find her heat and moisture, I thought that she was probably teasing me and crushing my heart, but that I still liked what was happening.

    We made our way to her bed, shedding our clothes. God, she was hot. Her body was so long and lean, her abs just visible, her thighs so taut, that ass so firm. She said, "I spent the last few weeks getting ready for you. You can't have my pussy, but my heart and ass and throat are yours."

    As I grasped this news, she grasped my cock and slowly engulfed it with her mouth. I was so overcome, so blown away, so fucking excited to see her lips pressed against my body, my cock completely devoured, that in about five strokes, I was pumping my cum down her throat. A few minutes later, I was licking her clit (my fingers were not probing her pussy, however - apparently this was the rule). She bucked her hips against my face as she came hard against my tongue and mouth.

    At that point, I was fully hard again. Jane reached into her bedside table and took out a bottle of lube. In the drawer I could see some butt plugs and dildos. She saw where I was looking and said that was what she had been preparing with. She poured some lube on her hands and slowly rubbed them over my cock. The relative coolness felt so incredible, the silky slickness so exciting. Adding more lube to her ass, she said, "Go slow" and guided my cock to the her ass. I asked "Are you really ready for this?" The determination in her eyes was clear and she pulled me into her.

    I pushed slowly, her pucker resisting and then embracing the head of my cock. I started to pull back, but she said it's better to push on in. When about half my cock was being firmly embraced by her ass, I added some more lube and began to draw myself out and push back in, delving slowly deeper. Each time I pulled back, she lifted her ass to try to get me back deep inside. Soon, I was nearly buried into her tight, hot ass. I was light-headed at the situation. Our pace began to quicken as Jane began to breathe heavier and heavier, whispering "Oh, God!" over and over. She wrapped her arms around my head and neck and grabbed me to herself, as I pumped faster into her. Finally, I thrust myself as hard and as deep as I could, her nails bit into my shoulders, and I felt myself pump into her ass, as her muscles squeezed tight on me, crushing my cock in an incredible feeling.

    Well, to make a long story short, we became an item. Everyone "knew" we were not having any sex. My buddies always asked how I could stand the blue balls, Ellie continued to bust on Jane's prudishness. And Jane remained a virgin until our wedding day.
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