'Virgin No More 3' (Belami) - Movie Review

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    Well, sometimes less is more. This production is a good example therefor:

    ... Five models , three scenes:

    1.) Andre Boleyn & Kevin Warhol flip-flop
    2.) Luke Hamill humps Adam Archuleta
    3.) A fourway: Boleyn & Hamill are topping Jack Harrer & Warhol

    Good action, well filmed - and: this time also the sound is almost flawless & natural: subtle breathing & decent moaning; even the plopping of a cock out of a mouth sounds real.

    Nearly no bugging, overdone, stereotype groaning - like for example in 'Taboo 2' or 'Step by Step - Education of Kris Evans'.

    The disc contains the first available bottoming acts of Adam Archuleta and Andre Boleyn on DVD.

    For me, it's one of the two or three most satisfying and convincing Belami-movies in the studio history, and one of my personal Twink Top 10 flicks in Gayporn at all.

    It's furthermore remarkable, that the camera of Duroy/Stevens captures in the moments when the bottoms climax nearly always their faces & feelings.

    The orgasm and the appertaining facial expressions & emotions in pornfilms, are often neglected by minor directors: bumblers like Hammerschmidt, Iresh, Paris, Bruckmann, Clark, Stone, Miller, Moussou, Woods, Lincoln, Donner, Flamingo & Co. are focussing far too much
    on the shooting alone...
    ............................... . :hitwithrock:


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    Thanks for the pics. I agree with you. Outstanding! and Upstanding
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