Virgin Story part 2...


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Oct 11, 2005
South Carolina
50% Straight, 50% Gay
The bathroom was full of guys kissing and hanging out. There were two stalls that were occupied and a long row of urinals. I stepped up to take a piss when a guy stepped beside of me. We both looked at each other and raised our heads without saying anything. My first thoughts were that he was pretty hot and I glanced at his cock. It was average; mine was longer and more plump. Don’t get me wrong his cock was nice. I could not help but see that he was looking at my cock as well and this made me very sexually excited. I finished and zipped up and started to walk away when the guy said, “what is your name?”, “Do you go to school here?” My name is Rick and yes I go to college here I answered. We leaned against the wall like many others in the bathroom. I figured he was gay since he was in the bar. He started to ask me some personal questions which confirmed to me this guy was gay. Acting macho and not wanting to sound weird I did not tell him I was a virgin and would have never dreamed telling him I was not into guys. Was I into guys? I asked myself, cock has always turned me on and I have often thought about sucking a guy. While I was thinking this and not answering his last questions he started to kiss me. We’ll I had never kissed a girl before not to mention a guy. I was instantly turned on by this and found myself kissing him back and enjoying it. I was so scared that one of my friends were going to walk in. A stall opened up and he pulled me in and locked the door. Josh, that was to hot guys name, returned to kissing me and started to rub my crotch. I was instantly hard; he whispered in my ear how he wanted my big cock. I stood there without saying a word. I was scared out of my mind but I could not walk away, deep down I wanted this very bad. He made me so horny; I had never been this horny before in my life. As we continued to kiss and he rubbed my crotch I thought I was going to cum. I started to touch him, that’s it, rub my cock he whispered to me. Josh fell to his knees and started to unzip my pants. He unhooked my belt and before I knew it my pants and underwear were to my ankles and my hard cock was pointing at his face. He slides my cock into his mouth and words cannot describe the feeling. My virgin cock was being sucked slow then faster right here in this bathroom. He sucked me as he massaged my balls and the feeling was out of this world. He stood and started to pull down his pants, I knew what he wanted me to do and by this point I wanted to suck his cock. I sat on the toilet as he moved closer to me. It was a perfect fit his cock was right at my mouth. I started to suck his cock like I was a pro and had done it several times before. He tasted so good, he grabbed the back of my head and with a fucking motion he started to fuck my mouth. His cock was bigger that I thought while he was pissing beside of me. He was ramming his cock deep into my throat at times it was making me gag but I did not care. I grabbed him by the balls and massaged them just as he did mine. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I stood thinking he was going to suck my cock again. He started kissing me and began to stroke my cock. I returned the favor and we stood there kissing and jacking each other off. I could not hold it back any longer and I think the only words I spoke during the entire hot session were “I am going to cum”. Josh started to tell me how he wanted to feel my hot cum on his cock and he started to stroke faster. My body had never felt like this before, I was so into him jacking me off I could not focus on kissing him or stroking his cock. OH MY GOD I yelled as I cummed all over his hands and he let is spray onto his cock. Josh wiped off all of my cum with his hand and he started to jack off with my juices. I stood there bright eyed watching him jack off. My body continued to tingle from my orgasm. Just in seconds Josh cummed shooting a large load onto the floor. At this point my large cock started to go limp and I pulled up my pants. I was full of regret and guilt. He said he enjoyed it and I smiled and walked out. The next day I thought about Josh often. Still filled with guilt and thought I was truly gay. Weeks had passed and parts of me wished I would run into Josh on campus. The guilt was finally replaced with me being horny. I often thought about Josh and my first hot experience in that bathroom. Months went by and I never returned to that bar or never saw Josh again. I graduated college still a virgin, my only sexual experience with another person was Josh. I was still very attracted to girls and still wanted to fuck a girl. I also continued to be attracted to guys dreaming about sucking more cock.
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