Virgin's Story part 3

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    I started my career, moved into a two-story town house. I worked in the medical field and I worked crazy hours and most weekends. I still never really dated but I continued to find co-workers hot. I continued to add to my collection of porn mags, movies and DVD’s. I even started adding some gay movies. I never went out I just stayed at home jacking off and watching porn. After several months I decided that I needed to change things. I joined the gym and started to tone my body. Before I knew it I was toned, lean and tanned. My confidence boosted and I started to go out more. One Sunday afternoon sitting at home I picked up the paper to find a new feature. Meeting Singles it was called. It had sections for girls seeking girls, guys seeking guys and section for straight couples. You could call and leave a message for each add placed. For weeks I spent time reading different ads and I decided to call in and leave messages for some of the girls my same age. I spent a lot of time on the phone with girls but never made a date. I decided to put an ad in for myself. Keep in mind this was just newspaper and there were no pics so it was all blind dating. I felt pretty good about myself, I thought I looked good and even starting having girls hit on me but I never acted upon it. With my ad I received several answers and started dating some of the girls. Most of them were ugly, fat and some lied about there age. I had given up on this until one girl’s message really caught my attention. I returned her call and we spent hours on the phone. We had a lot in common and she sounded very hot, she was 19 years old, me 21. We planned a date and she gave me directions to meet her at her apartment. She lived about 45 mins from me in the next town. I found her place really easy. I made my way to the door and knocked but no one was home. I thought she had lied to me. As I started walking down her steps a girl was coming up the sidewalk and she caught my eye. She was gorgeous, stunning body, blonde hair and very hot in my eyes. I walked to the street to go to my car when she yelled, hey are you Rick. I immediately stopped and turned toward her. Yes I am you Andrea? She certainly was as we shook hands. She invited me in and she told me to have a seat she would be right back. She was gone just a few minutes when she returned in a change of clothes. I was very nervous because I had never been on a date with a girl like this, she was so fucking hot. I never dreamed a girl that looked like this would give me the time of day. She told me she works out almost every day and she loves to jog and run. After talking for just a few minutes the ice was broken and it was just like the girl I had been talking with on the phone. We went out to a movie and dinner then returned to her place. We talked some more and I left for the evening. I thought to myself I would never hear from her again and I figured she was so glad the date was over but I was so excited to just have met her. It was love at first sight for me. As I drove away from her street I passed a grocery store and instantly I pulled in to see of they had flowers. I bought some roses and returned to her home. She came to the door, I am sorry I know it is late but I wanted to tell you again what I great time I had with you and I handed her the roses. She seemed very delighted and invited me in again. I told her I did not want to impose on her evening since it was so late. She insisted so I walked back in. All I could think about was that it was very late and I had to go to work the next morning, stupid huh. She thanked me and thanked me for the roses and she kissed me. I think you are a catch she told me and I laughed. I don’t know why but I started to share with her about my lack of dates and experience. She told me how hot she thought I was and really hoped she would see me again after I left the first time. She came to me and sat on my lap and we started to kiss. She had me lie on the floor and watch TV with her. We did not watch much TV because we kissed and she started to massage me. I was trying so hard to avoid getting a hard on even thought she had touched my crotch several time. Was this it I thought, am I going to have sex with this girl? She seemed very horny and I wanted to fuck her so bad. Something came over me telling me this was not a good idea, it was happening to fast. I ended up leaving without us having sex and the word sex never came up
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