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    I now appreciate the comments on this forum from members that say they have had stares from people on the visible penis line in their pants. Recently I began my restoration efforts anew. I had started restoring my foreskin about five years ago with breaks. I went from a CI-2 to my current state of CI-6/7. I resumed my restoring in August to reach my goal of CI-8. I have take two long breaks from restoring mostly for summer vacations where I know it would be difficult to deal with devices easily. I am using the TLCTugger. I had tried the TLC-X but found that the plunger part of the device pushed my penis up into my abdomen and my penis had started to stay in the contracted position most of the time. I didn't like it. I am not overly endowed by any means. I am a very decent 6" erect and about 3" flaccid but I didn't want to loose anything there. I went back to my old standard TLCTugger with the strap down my leg. Well my foreskin is long enough now when the tugger really starts to pull a fair distance down my leg. The extended foreskin is about 6/7 long from the penis base. And the cone really sticks out now if I wear tighter pants or jeans about midthigh. I'm getting looks! :eek: But I like it. :wink: I like the look on people's faces trying to figure out what they see.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience using a restoring device?
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