Wal-Mart part 4

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    I can remember the hottest jack off session we had said Danny, Adam agreed like he knew the story Danny was about to share. School was closed for the day due to snow, Adam came to my house to spend the day and we had the place to ourselves because my parents would be at work all day. By this time we had collected a few porno tapes, we did not get to watch very often because we both did not have VCR's in our bedrooms. We gathered in my family room and popped in a tape, it did not take long until we were both horny as hell. It had been about 4 days since we had jacked off together. I had never seen Adam this horny, he jerked his pants off tossing them across the room. He was so intense and serious as he talked about being horny and wishing he would get laid. I was very horny too, watch Adam be this excited really turned me on. We often shared different things we had learned that felt really good with self pleasure. Adam turned me onto baby oil, spitting in my hand and many other things that increased the sensation of jacking off. This day was different, as adam was jacking off I watch him rub his balls and then slide his finger into his ass. I did not say a word, Adam closed his eyes and stroked his rock hard cock faster and faster. He pumped his finger in and out, around and around his asshole. He moaned and groaned and seemed he was really enjoying him self. Adam quickly shoot a huge load of cum all over him, the floor and me. I had never seen him cum this much before, it was great. When Adam cummed he seemed to orgasim over and over. I continued to stroke and also shoot a large load of cum with some landing on Adams chest. He laughed and smiled, hey big boy thanks for the shower he said. I answered by showing him his cum all over me and the floor. Adam continued to lay there naked, rubbing his cum on his cock and balls. I followed and we both were hard again very quickly as the porn tape continued to play. Adam, I could not help but see that you did something new this time. Yes he answered and you have got to try it, it really feels even better when you get off by doing this. How did you learn this I asked, my cousin who visited me last week from Ohio taught me. He is 16 and we looked at some porn and decide to jack off, we had done this before since we were very close in age and going through puberty at the same time. I came remember become very jelous that Adam was beating off with someone else but I never said a word. Come on try it man Adam stated, I had no problems trying it but at first did not move because I could not stop thinking about his jacking with his cousin. I was rubbing my cock and the next thing I knew Adam rolled over and put his hand on my balls moving them out of the way and he pushed his finger in my ass. I closed my eyes and could not believe the feeling and he went back and fourth, around and around my asshole. His finger inside of me made me feel like I was going to expload with cum and that I did not even need to stroke my cock. I moaned and groaned in delight, just after a few minutes of this action I shot a hugh second load. My cum went every where and Adam never stopped fingering me making my orgasim the most intense I had ever had. As my body stopped shaking from delight i open my eyes as Adam pulled out with a smile saying, What did I tell you man, was'nt that great? he asked. It was amazing I said, Adam told me if I told anyone he would kill me. You secret is safe with me and thank you for sharing that with me. It seemed like a very gay moment even though I had no idea what a gay moment was. Later that night while alone I jacked off severl time fingering myself and dreaming about Adam. I was very happy because I thought deep down that with this experience maybe Adam did have some feeling like I was struggling with.

    to be continued...
    trust me I don't want to continue this story if you really think it is stupid, please let me know if you would like to hear about Danny and Adam as the grow closer together, their story of there first fuck is good.
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