Wal-mart part 7

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    We finally reached the cabin and to my surprise we pulled up to a very large log home. The home had a red metal roof, large covered porch and a stone chimney. Damn I said, this does not look like a hunting cabin to me. Yeah my gramps says they will move into it someday but right know all of his friends and my uncles come here to hunt. This is the only time it is every used. Adam unlocked the door and we entered into a large two story great room with a stone fireplace from floor to ceiling. Adam showed me around, there was a kitchen on the main floor, two bedrooms and a full bath. Upstairs was two more bedrooms each with there own private bath. I have been saving this one for last said adam as he open the door. It was another bedroom that was a loft and overlooked the greatroom. It had the largest bed I have ever seen, on the bed was new porn mags that I had never seen. Where did these come from I asked, Well there is something I need to tell you Danny. Just like you for several months I have dreamed about being closer to you but never thought it would happen. I have questioned myself for months am I gay? A freak? Or just crazy but I know I was so attracted to you the first day I saw you at school. Since the 5th grade I have always wondered about this boy or that boy, the size of there cocks and had a desire to suck dick. Girls are ok and the porn we look at and watch are ok but I have always been turned on more by the guys. Since starting puberty my hormones and feelings have been more aggressive. We’ll I guess things have turned out for the best I said looking at Adam. We started to kiss and the next thing I knew we were naked throwing off our clothes with aggression and laying on the bed.
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