Wal-Mart Part Two

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    I was very surprise to hear from Danny and Adam the next day. I was glad they called to ask me to hang out with them for the evening. We all decide to meet at my place at 6pm, they were right on time. Since it was early we sat around with some drinks and talked a bit to get to know each other better. How did you meet and how long have you known each other? I asked. We have known each other since the 7th grade, I am 18 Danny said and Adam-I am 19. We are just out of high school we both take college classes in the evening and work during the day. We do not live together, we both still live with our parents. I can still remember the first day I ever saw Adam. It was the first day of school and I spotted him next to his locker. Starting the 7th grade was a big deal, this was middle school and each of us came from different smaller grade schools. I did not know very many of the kids now in this new school said Danny. Every since the 5th grade and into the 6th when I started puberty I knew I was different. Once my hormones started kicking in and I learn the joys of self pleasure I realized that I was attracted to guys. I would always try and look at the guys in the restroom and when I would catch a look my cock would become hard in an instant. At the start of 7th grade I was full into puberty I thought about sex and jacking off all the time. I never showed my true feelings, always acting tuff, flurting with girls and dating some of them. I wanted to be in the in crowd. I had seen Adam several time during the day but never talked to him. My first class right after lunch changed that. When I entered the door I saw him sitting in the back so I grabbed a set right next to him. Hey man how is it going I asked him as I sat down, pretty good he answered. The teacher did not conduct much of a class this first day so it gave me plenty of time to talk to Adam and make him my friend. I kept looking at his beautiful bulge and wondered how big his dick was. I could not stop thinking about him all night. I jacked off to his image all night wishing I was normal and did not feel this way, I thought I was crazy. Over the past few months we became very good friends and spent a great deal of time together.

    to be continued.
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