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Walking paths along the river

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by cfr, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. cfr

    cfr Member

    Jun 3, 2007
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    I lived in Philadelphia for a glorious 20 years. The city has the Delaware river that Borders New Jersey and the Skuklow that runs in the middle of the city. Between the river and the railroad tracks there is walking path with great views or the river and some are hidden with trees and shrubs that the men and woman use to have indiscriminate sex.

    I started walking the path for exercise but one day i ventured into the shrubs to take a piss and their was an absolute vision of manhood standing there with his running shorts down to the ground and a hard on like most of these men show on this site. The guy must have measured at least 10 inches and a great width. I stood there in awe and expected him to either arrest me or beat to death for starring at him. I started to feel a rise in my own pants when he approached me.

    I went totally out of breath when he directed my head down towards his gigantic organ. I swear to U I have never had anything in my mouth before of since as large as his organ. He moaned slightly and only let me work on it for a minute. Then he lifted me up and took my slacks down and starting massaging my prick while he worked his finger into my ass. I really never liked fucking anyone but this guy had me so messmerized that I did not stop him. He then proceeded to turn me around and wet his prick with spit to try and attempt anal sex. I thought that this is not going to happen but he was so gentle and skilled that it only hurt for a second. He totally shot within a few seconds and that was it. He dressed and was on his way.

    From then on it was like we were meeting in the bushes and this went on for at least a year. I am sure that he was doing the same to others but never a word was spoken between us. I mean never a word was spoken. I never did find out his name and when the spring rolled out from winter of the next year I never say him again.

    I am sure that he was most likely a student of the University of Penn and graduated and then went on with his life. I must say that this chance sexualmeeting was a part of my life that I will never forget and have actually never told anyone until now. I hope that somehow he reads this story and to Him I want to say Thank U for all the wonderful sexual times and memories and U dear fella had the most beautiful cock and body that I have ever seen and lucky for me experienced

    I thank U forever.
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