Wanderers, lost women...(do you use Sylvia Plath quotes?)

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    (You'll have to read the whole thing to appreciate it)
    Anyone seen 'Prey for rock and roll'? This isn't about the movie, just asking for reference.

    Gina Gershons character is the 30-40ish woman I have been fucking since I was in my 20's.

    She is in this movie, a version in tattoos and blond tipped black hair of the woman that is the female desperado. She comes in many styles. but it's her face, she captures the bone structure of so many of these women...is there a biological link?...that's a whole lpsg thread right there...

    I have outgrown the scene, but I am a product of it, it wasn't always rock, like in the movie, but the post-mod mod scene for much of my 20's and now early 30's, hell, even the rock-a-billy scene when I was 20-22 (fuck, did I get laid then...I even bedded a tattoo shop owner/mom 12 yrs my senior) now it's post post-modern avant-garde dance clubs and bars, where only the jaded and too hip for the pseudo-post-modern crowd go (follow that?) where every ex-pat and non-mexican illegal in the city ends up and everyone is older and in the bathroom doing blow. Yawn. It still beats sports bars I suppose. At least the music is good.

    She is the woman who's tastes are far too cool for anything sold at the mall or any music played on the radio, yet she isn't rebellious about it like younger girls. She doesn't really smoke pot, but she likes some blow and a lot of alcohol. In fact she usually only wants blow after she's been drinking.

    She has an incredible body somehow without ever taking care of it, though she does eat well, shopping at over-priced organic farmers markets, she gives the best blow job you've ever had and loves big dick and let's you know every time you get hard. She is completely comfortable being naked and looks good in anything, but has an odd insecurity when putting on makeup though she never wears too much.

    Sometimes when she is dressed in her latest anti-fashion and smiling her longing smile at you and the bar lights and pints of cider blur the lines on her face you want to marry her. Her hair is always perfect yet unkempt, her earrings and jewelry not noticeable but womanly, though never found at dept stores, her shoes are anti-hip chic or they are knee high brown leather laceup boots with a summer dress and streaks in her dark hair.

    I've dated several women I swear are Gina Gershons characters twin sister, these types are a little more in your face with style and clothes than those mentioned above, their hangouts urban and hip but less underground, but it's still the same woman, maybe that's why the movie got me (it isn't a masterpiece but it hit home).

    These women have never lived in the suburbs, they have nothing in common with suv moms, even suv moms who like to dress up and go to the city and bars they did when they were young and hip, no, these women live it. Always have, I can tell the difference from across the bar.

    I was always 7-10 years younger, when it started, they'd pick me up, sometimes it was even a woman I had fucked years before in a one night stand when she was first developing her pattern, after my band played or after last call and now here she was older, reliving, continuously, because it reminded her of being younger.
    She was still ahead of the fashions and still getting drunk and fucking men she met in bars, shed pay for everything, knew every barman/doorman in town, got us in free everywhere, we'd go out watch a band, she'd drink crown and coke all night, pull me into the womens bathroom jack me off or suck my dick, go to another bar and then another, end up back at her hip and well decorated loft, she'd do her coke while I was eating her pussy, we'd drink wine in bed and fuck, wake up fuck, go meet her equally hot girlfriends for brunch, drink some more, go home and fuck, sometimes a recently divorced girlfriend would join in with us.

    I remember one day in particular, I was 26 and two women, one 38 one 40, both fine, like how sharon stone is still fine even though she is weathered, laying on the couch with me, sucking my cock at the same time, bottle of red wine in my hand, music on, sunday afternoon, I thought, fuck this is the life.
    These women love younger men, they were openly critical of men their age or older whose sex drive or dick couldn't keep up with them, though they would rag a young guy more for the same probs. Most of them had never dated a woman but they all had had or been had by women and usually only did it when high or drunk.

    Now in my 30's I'm still fucking these type women ,though sometimes I get the mainstream business woman who was wild when she was in college and wants a bad boy, I even had a 26 yr old virgin (was) teacher, who I fell in love with for 2 yrs but that's another story and now I'm back to these drifters, trying to have relationships with their fucked up Sylvia Plath minds and it doesn't work.
    It just doesn't work.

    Sometimes fucking their friend with them fucks things up when they sober up the next morning, sometimes it doesn't. They don't cringe if you put porn ever, they don't care if you want to fuck their ass or their pussy first, they are loud and aggressive and they like to be spanked and fucked roughly. They are all the same in this respect, though each uniquely different.
    They appreciate romance with just as much zeal, though they always want it hard and fast, no matter how good the dinner you cooked them was or how sweet the note.

    They don't want to change, really, no matter how depressed they get about their lifestyle on hungover sunday evenings that they don't drink wine on.
    They like being sober until weds and then having a few after work and fucking, they sometimes even want to stay in on a friday and fuck and watch the IFC and then go to a park on sat morning, they refuse to go camping or hiking or running. the sat morning at the park is always interrupted by another hot late 30ish, early 40ish divorcee or never been married wanting to meet up at the dark local pub. The drunkenness of sat night makes up for the quiet friday night. It is always crazier if we didnt party on friday.

    The best thing about these women is that they like to fuck and they like to fuck you with their girlfriends, every place they like to hang out is within a walk or a $5 cab ride and they are very affectionate and beautiful. They are always beautiful, they have incredible hair and sexual chic hairstyles and clothes, it's what tricks you into living like shit with them.

    When you first see them, even if you don't like women who smoke, they look like they were transported from milan or paris, sophisticated as they sip their wine or stella artois, but months later as you watch them, having seen how unsophisticated she can be, you realize how fooled you were, but she still looks good doing it, still.
    One weekend of debauchery turns into 23 and then you get sick of it and pick a fight so you can get the fuck out of there or you find another one and leave to go fuck her and start it all over. I am as much to blame for the failure as they are, but I'm the one writing.
    They always call you a week after the break up, drunk, they are crying, they want to see you, but when they get there, you knew, they just wanted some big cock. The stark soberness, cum matted hair and running makeup doesnt matter in the morning light, you still fuck them again before they leave. You love how animalistic your big cock makes them, how quickly they turn into a slut for you, they make you feel like a cock god fucking them.

    However, I've had my fill, I've been fucking these wonderfully crazy, older women for a decade. For even longer I've been in bands and living in run-down/re-vitalized, trendy/student/artists neighborhoods with bars and eateries full of gay men, lesbians, war-protesters, art students and of course, these women (Don't get me wrong I thrive in the diversity, that's just the vivid description).

    In between them it's the college girl from suburbia who's never seen a guy with tattoos who dresses well, doesn't smoke, is fit, masculine but articulate and has a range rover. They've never seen it before and you can mold them in bed. I bore of them quicker... though they usually have never had a big cock, that is the fun part. As 'know it all' as I sound, I still try to have relationships with them too. I feel worse when it fails because it reminds me I'm too old for them

    But it's gotten old,that's why I moved to the farm months ago, detoxed from the filth of the city and now I've joined the army. I had to escape. So, I won't be around for awhile.

    P.S. if any of you women fit into this description, go on leave me a message, when I finish BCT and AIT I will have forgotten all the bad things about you :wink:
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