Wanna join me in using my cum slave tonight?

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    Tonight at 12:30AM, eastern time, I will have a cumslave of mine online and on cam on Yahoo. He is black, uncut and has over 8 inches of thick cock. Assuming he's been obedient, and he better be, he should have four days of cum loaded up for me, so he should be shooting a very nice load after playing with him for an hour or two.

    I would love to have some people join me in using him, and so, since it's safe to assume that everyone here is a cock and cum aficcionado, let me know who wants to join in :) We can conference while commenting amongst ourselves, each one having time to have their own fun with this very interesting toy.

    If you are interested, send me a message here on LPSG with your Yahoo ID so we can get in touch tonight.


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