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    Some of you members wanted to know what it went like when my lover got her first really big cock. Up untill that happened she only had her late husband and me he was under four inches and I'm five inches. I was allowed to watch as she wanted me see her reactions. We found this guy and they hit it off as soon as she oppened the door. After a little small talk we all went into the bedroom where my mate undressed then watched as he did the same. When she seen his cock that was already hard and was every bit that he said it was 10" by 8" her eyes got very wide and a gasp from her throat. They moved to the bed where she lay on her back spreading her legs as he moved to enter her she put some lube on her and then him and said I'm ready. I can tell you it looked impossible for his monster to fit her little tight pussy but it was slowly entering as she moaned OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH loudly and then tryed to catch her breath but she opened wide enough for him gain full entrance and give her a little more than half of his cock. At this point her mouth was open as her breathing was fast as she orgasmed over and over again then he pulled out a little and then slowly moved back in untill he seemed hesitate like he hit something as she screemed OH MY GOD for a moment I thought that
    was it she could take no more and then with a final push it happened the rest was in. Then he stopped all movement and they just layed together for quite a while. I could tell she was not in pain by the look in her eyes that I've never seen before she was sated for the first time in her life. He then began to slowly move in and out with long slow strokes as she came over and over again untill I lost count finally after a hour or so he came filling her with cum as he pulled out it came running from her pussy and I thought what a hole he left will I ever be able to fill that again. She kissed me and thanked me for letting her have the best screwing ever and I told her that I enjoyed watching the best show I've ever seen. By the way that was before Christmas and shes back to her normal tight self again and loves me more than ever. Please comment If this is the way it went for you big boys She and I would like to know.
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