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Discussion in 'Relationships, Discrimination, and Jealousy' started by dfox7.3x5, Jun 15, 2005.

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    I spent last weekend with my long-time buddy who lives a long plane ride away from me. He is a little older than I am, obese, but has a pretty nice dick. When he lived in my city we had social outings now and then and usually had sex. My dick and balls are smaller than his but look good, and he admires my still-slim (at age 66) body.

    Last weekend his roommate (not lover) of seven years was away until Sunday afternoon. My buddy and I ate out, went to a favorite bar, etc. When his roommate came home we had a late dinner, very nice, which the roommate (20 years younger) cooked. He, and my buddy, are great cooks.

    We ate and drank into the night on the patio as the hot temps cooled off. Then we all realized we needed to go to bed (to sleep). My buddy turned in first. I share a bath with the roommate, and the small guest room is right next to his room.

    I sleep nude and did my bedtime bathroom routine sans clothes. As I walked past the roommate's room he was sprawled out on the bed, nice dick gesturing, so I joined him. My buddy has only had him once and complains that he's too small. He is not.

    In the midst of this my buddy awakened and hoped to join me in my bed. But I wasn't there, I was with the roommate. We were soon found out. So now my buddy is very hurt/pissed. I never meant to hurt him and I don't want to lose his friendship. His roommate and I have always had secretive eyes for each other, and that night it all came to a head (so to speak.)

    I want to salvage my friendship, but I also have to admit that I enjoyed the roommate more than I ever expected.

    Right now things are at a stand-off. Anybody have advice, comments? Was I wrong to join the roommate, whose tug finally won me over?

    Thanks for any comments. I've never brought this kind of personal problem to LPSG, but you guys are so smart/savvy (and so are the ladies, esp. Madame Zora) that I wanted your input, whatever you tell me.

    david fox
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