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Discussion in 'Politics' started by D_Juan Tootree, Jan 2, 2009.

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    Very informative...... and misleading for people who know nothing about it.

    They're beginning from an entirely wrong hypothesis to begin with.
    They say the government only lends from the economy and therefor there is no increase in money.
    What about lending from other countries (that happens every day). And what do you increase in money!

    Exporting... money from other countries coming in...increase in money!
    (For the ones that know something about it....yes...import has to be substracted of course...but usually it's more. If not...lend from other countries)

    They also say that nobody will get a loan in a bad economy....ummm... wrong!
    Even more people will need a loan right now. The banks won't give it as easily...ok, but still there are more people who will need a loan.
    (Let's hope the banks have learned not to give loans anymore to people who can't pay them back).

    Also taxes going from the economy AND the people to the government, cashflow from the economy to the people directly instead of via the government, ...

    I'm not going to explain it all right now. You can look it up if you want to know more.

    This is basic economy btw. I hope you have at least this level of economy in public schools. Without the mistakes from the guy in this vid of course....

    Edit: oh yeah...the Bush being a big spender part...

    He was indeed a big spender...on war! There are no products that the people can buy and with that returning money in the economy again.
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