Watery Semen

Discussion in 'The Healthy Penis' started by pdxman, Nov 21, 2010.

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    My semen seems to be alot more watery than it has been for sometime now and im wondering if this is a shut down or malfunction of the glands that produce the semen or does this just happen as u get older?. Its not gooey or coagulative at all and when i shoot it say on a desk or light colored surface you can barely see it all all but there seems to be a respectable amount of it. I also have had radiation to my pelvic area in the mid 90's and have had chemotherapy in the mid 90s and around 2004. I know this makes you sterile but that would be the sperm portion. Most of your ejaculate is not even produced in your testes so im wondering what the deal is.
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    Watery semen is totally normal for some people. Of course, you have some outstanding circumstances in your past, so (I'm sure you knew this was coming;) only a doctor - probably a urologist - can tell you if this is normal for you.
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