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    WEB CAM CHAT BETWEEN USERs GuitarDude0101 and StAnThEmAn92

    GuitarDude0101: Yo what's up man? What you do tonight?

    StAnThEmAn15: Me and Faye just went to the lake?

    GuitarDude0101: Oh! You went to Billy's party?

    StAnThEmAn15: Yeah we did but we left his place early. Too many underclassmen there, so we decided to walk around the lake and find a nice spot.

    GuitarDude0101: Did you get and pussy?

    StAnThEmAn92: Nope.

    GuitarDude0101: What's up with your girl man? When is she going to give you some?

    StAnThEmAn92: Hopefully soon my balls are telling me to move on.

    GuitarDude0101: Yeah I hear you.

    StAnThEmAn92: Hey man where are you?

    GuitarDude0101: I'm in my room on my bed

    StAnThEmAn92: Oh is your sister using your desk again to draw ponies? lol

    GuitarDude0101: Nah I just felt like being on my bed tonight. Hold up I have something to show you. I'll be right back


    GuitarDude0101: Aight, check it out man.

    StAnThEmAn92: Wow when did you get that guitar

    GuitarDude0101: I bought it today. Isn't it sick?

    StAnThEmAn92: Yeah it is but do you have to sit like that while you play it?

    GuitarDude0101: Sit like how?

    StAnThEmAn92: With the laptop webcam between your legs stretched out like that.

    GuitarDude0101: Yeah it's the only way to play it while I talk to you

    StAnThEmAn92: lol

    GuitarDude0101: I've been working on a new song

    StAnThEmAn92: How many does that bring it too?

    GuitarDude0101: 13 this week. I can even play them lying down. Look

    StAnThEmAn92: WOW THERE BUDDY!!!

    GuitarDude0101: Wow what?

    StAnThEmAn92: LOL!!! You're not wearing any underwear aren't you?

    GuitarDude0101: How' the fuck you know that?

    StAnThEmAn92: Cause your dick is winking at me from out the leg of your gym shorts lol.

    GuitarDude0101: lol Sorry about that man.

    StAnThEmAn92: lmao! well I think it's your dick. it's so damn small I may need a second look

    GuitarDude0101: Yeah yeah have your fun.

    StAnThEmAn92: hold on let me get my glasses.

    GuitarDude0101: Fuck you man. My dick is 8 inches hard

    StAnThEmAn92: Please in your dreams.

    GuitarDude0101: No I'm serious.

    StAnThEmAn92: Whatever you say.

    GuitarDude0101: Well let me see you dick then.

    StAnThEmAn92: Um come again and this time try to not sound gay when you ask to see my dick.

    GuitarDude0101: Come on, you've seen mine and if you're such a mandingo you shouldn't have anything to be ashamed of right?

    StAnThEmAn92: No I will sleep soundly knowing I have a bigger dick than you lol

    GuitarDude0101: Spoken like a true lil penis man.

    StAnThEmAn92: Aight man. You want to see dick here's some dick

    GuitarDude0101: Hahahaha! That's no bigger than mine. It's actuall shorter and you have a smaller head, what is that about 4 inches soft mines a good 5 and a half lol

    StAnThEmAn92: Yeah well whatever. I'm a grower.

    GuitarDude0101: Ok! Sure! Whatever you say. if you get to six inches you'd be lucky.

    StAnThEmAn92: You want to bet?

    GuitarDude0101: There is no way in hell your 4 inch soft dick is going to beat my hard 8.

    StAnThEmAn92: Aight well let's Measure your supposed 8.

    GuitarDude0101: Ok fine

    StAnThEmAn92: Fine.

    GuitarDude0101: What are you doing?

    StAnThEmAn92: I'm getting some lotion I hate dry jacking.

    GuitarDude0101: Really? I like the feel of my dry hand on my dick, I guess it's the guitar player in me.

    StAnThEmAn92: And the fact you have foreskin idiot. You hooded guys can do that.

    GuitarDude0101: Damn man this feels so fucking good.

    StAnThEmAn92: Yeah it does but don't cum man we still have to measure.

    GuitarDude0101: Yeah but I reach my max length when I'm close.

    StAnThEmAn92: just don't fucking shoot yet. Damn you are going to town on that dick.

    GuitarDude0101: Wow man! You are a grower, that's insane. Your head is so pink though.

    StAnThEmAn92: I know at first I didn't like it but now i really do.

    GuitarDude0101: Yeah it looks cool. I bet Faye gives it a good spit shine

    StAnThEmAn92: Nah she's not really that good at head. I think if she doesn't put out soon I'm going to have to cut her loose.

    GuitarDude0101: Aight man I'm going to cum any minute now so lets measure

    StAnThEmAn92: Ok.

    GuitarDude0101: Drum Roll please...8.25.

    StAnThEmAn92: Really, .25? hahahahaha I think you'r scrambling for inches because you know I'm about to blast you out of the water.

    GuitarDude0101: How much man?

    StAnThEmAn92: 10 and if you want specifics .778 lol

    GuitarDude0101: Shut up man but damn that's a big dick.

    StAnThEmAn92: Yeah it is.

    GuitarDude0101: Funny how we just measured our dicks in front of each other.

    StAnThEmAn92: Yeah two big 18 year olds still comparing notes.

    To be continued
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    GuitarDude0101: lol well I'm not about to let mine go to waste. I have to work my way back up to cumming though.

    StAnThEmAn92: Yeah me too.

    GuitarDude0101: I like your bush man.

    StAnThEmAn92: Really I was thinking of shaving it bald like yours but then it would really scare Fay away.

    GuitarDude0101: Yeah I just like how it makes mines look, but I miss my hair sometimes.

    StAnThEmAn92:Yeah. LOL@ you pinching your nipples man.

    GuitarDude0101: You don't play with your nipples?

    StAnThEmAn92: I never did.

    GuitarDude0101: A girl never did that to you?

    StAnThEmAn92: Nope.

    GuitarDude0101: You have to do it. It feel so good.

    StAnThEmAn92: You know what? It does feel good. Shit it feels really good

    GuitarDude0101: Yeah Molly Steinbeck loved to play with my nipples.

    StAnThEmAn92: lmao That's funny.

    GuitarDude0101: Why? What's so funny?

    StAnThEmAn92: Nah, never mind.

    GuitarDude0101: No come on man tell me

    StAnThEmAn92: Nah it'll sound too gay

    GuitarDude0101: Man you're my best bud and we're kind of watching each other jerk off over the internet so I think we've passed the gay stage already lol.

    StAnThEmAn92: LOL!!! You're right

    GuitarDude0101: Well?

    StAnThEmAn92: Well it was just funny how you said that Molly liked to play with your nipples because she liked to play with my ass.

    GuitarDude0101: !?!WHAT THE FUCK?!?

    StAnThEmAn92: Yeah YEAH.

    GuitarDude0101: You let Molly play with you're ass. How did that happen did you just ask her too? lol.

    StAnThEmAn92: NOWAY MAN! She was giving me head and then when I was about to cum she just stuck her finger in there. I never came so hard in my life. From that day on she just kept doing it.

    GuitarDude0101: Dude that sounds awful lol.

    StAnThEmAn92: I mean it could have been worse.

    GuitarDude0101: How so?

    StAnThEmAn92: I could have been the dude that allowed her to play with his nipples with my shit on her hands LMAO

    GuitarDude0101: lmao lmao lmao

    StAnThEmAn92: I thought you would like that.

    GuitarDude0101: You're making me loose my boner lol

    StAnThEmAn92: Well now is the perfect time to try it.

    GuitarDude0101: Try what?

    StAnThEmAn92: Come on man just try it. Stick your finger up your ass

    GuitarDude0101: Nah That's not for me

    StAnThEmAn92: I promise you it's the most incredible feeling.

    GuitarDude0101: Are you sure?

    StAnThEmAn92: Yeah I'm positive.

    GuitarDude0101: Ok.

    StAnThEmAn92: Yeah.

    GuitarDude0101: Damn man this hurts.

    StAnThEmAn92: Get some lotion man. Are you trying to kill yourself by sticking a dry finger up your ass?

    GuitarDude0101: hold on.

    StAnThEmAn92: ok.

    GuitarDude0101: Ok, back.

    StAnThEmAn92: aight.

    GuitarDude0101: Wow this does feel good.

    StAnThEmAn92: Yeah now move your hips up and down, try to really get your finger deep in there.

    GuitarDude0101: Oh shit this is sick. it feels so fucking good

    StAnThEmAn92: Man I did it with a sharpy. My entire body had the sickest orgasm

    GuitarDude0101: A sharpy?

    StAnThEmAn92: Yeah you should get one

    GuitarDude0101: I have one right here.

    StAnThEmAn92: Put it in a condom though

    GuitarDude0101: You're right.

    StAnThEmAn92: Yeah that's it just do it slow. it feels real good when you start nice and slow and then get real rough.

    GuitarDude0101: God I can't believe I'm fucking myself with a sharpy.

    StAnThEmAn92: Yeah Molly used to go to town on my ass.

    GuitarDude0101: God man this is GREAT.

    StAnThEmAn92: Yeah curl your toes it adds to the feeling. Am I right?

    GuitarDude0101: Man I'm going to cum

    StAnThEmAn92:Get up and sit on it.

    GuitarDude0101: Ok.

    StAnThEmAn92: How does that feel?


    StAnThEmAn92: Yeah Keep rocking back, all the way.

    GuitarDude0101: Man I'm going to cum.

    StAnThEmAn92: Keeping fucking the sharpy.

    GuitarDude0101: I'm CUMMING!

    StAnThEmAn92: shove it all the way in and squeeze your ass together. Lock that shit in.

    GuitarDude0101: Oh GOD MAN... Oh GOD!!!!!! That was great

    StAnThEmAn92:LMFAO!!!!ROFL!!! I can't believe you just did that LMAO.

    GuitarDude0101: What?

    StAnThEmAn92:Molly never stuck a finger up my ass. I was just fucking with you to see how far you would go. I didn't think you would have done it. lmao the sharpy was priceless.

    GuitarDude0101: Fuck you man!!

    StAnThEmAn92: Nah I think you are content with fucking yourself lol.

    GuitarDude0101: That was low man even for you.

    StAnThEmAn92: Well at least you got to blow your load and I get to tease you about this for the rest of our lives.

    GuitarDude0101: Man if you tell anybody about this...

    StAnThEmAn92: What will you do? Write a song about it lol If you need a pen there's a sharpy in your ass.

    GuitarDude0101: That was cold man.

    StAnThEmAn92: LOL! You should have seen your face but anyway man I will catch you tomorrow. You go clean up lol. Later Scott and tell you're sister that My brother's party is still at 4 tomorrow but inside because of the rain

    GuitarDude0101: Ok man. Will do. I'll get you back for this. You know that right lol

    StAnThEmAn92:LOL what ever you say.

    GuitarDude0101: Later.

    StAnThEmAn92: Later.

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