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Discussion in 'Et Cetera, Et Cetera' started by D_LeonardoDeCrapio, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. D_LeonardoDeCrapio

    D_LeonardoDeCrapio Account Disable

    Feb 26, 2011
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    Are there any fans around here? It's an awesome show.

    Season 7 has been amazing, I'm still waiting on renewal news for season 8. Or a true reunion episode, with pre season 4 characters.
  2. D_Percy_Prettywillie

    D_Percy_Prettywillie Account Disabled

    Jul 6, 2011
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    I love Weeds... at least I did until season 3. I've watched them all, don't get me wrong, but after they left Agrestic I felt like the show lost something of its premise. I liked the suburban setting as a sort of continuing expose on the reality of life in the US outside of urban settings (a trend started with movies like American Beauty and parodied to some extent by films like The Stepford Wives.)

    Weeds remained interesting for sure... but it started to be unrealistic when she hooked up with Esteban and the whole Mexican drug cartel fiasco. I still enjoyed the show but it was almost like watching something entirely else.

    The newest season has had a return to more of the things I liked about the first three seasons (though decidedly the setting couldn't be any different.) I'd always wondered what became of the pre-season four supporting cast so it's good to see them making cameos. The only thing that I didn't dig I can't think of a way they could have gotten around; Shane doesn't look three years older. Giving him.... mutton chops, didn't make him look 18. But that's just a silly nitpick. It has real potential to rebound.

    And I've heard a rumor that this might actually not be the final season?

  3. B_jdunhill

    B_jdunhill Banned

    Dec 23, 2010
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    This show just wrapped up (at least on my PVR) and I have to say I really enjoyed it all the way through....they went into the weeds there now and then. But I actually got choked up a bit on the final scene...reminded me of the end of Six Feet Under, only not sad :)

    So many good laughs, pretty people acting well and outside the box storylines.

    A great run. Nancy Pants is gone, long live Nancy Pants.
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