Well hung guys in Eastern North Carolina or nearby?

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    Hello all, I've been a member of this site for a while, but this is only my second post. I have been dating a wonderful, very open minded girl for a while now, and we are very interested in trying some new things. We have been discussing a few things, and one that really gets her interest is to add another guy, or possibly guys, to some of our fun. She isn't interested in straight sex necessarily (shes rather tight down there), but loves to play with a big dick, and can do so literally for hours (enough where she has made me sore on several occasions!) We are a very attractive couple, but they problem is that she wants the other guy to be a bit larger than me, preferably in length and girth, though similar girth would be fine with her. My measurements are slightly under 8" long and a full 6" around. In this case the bigger the better, but anything larger than me will certainly satisfy her. What she wants to do for the first sexual meeting is to play around with multiple dicks, then have everyone cum on her.

    We've been trying various internet sites, but thats about all we can do given that the local area has little to offer. Her age requirements also make it a little more difficult, but I think under 30 is where she is looking, but I'm sure if a guy is big enough, or attractive enough, I can persuade her to go outside of those requirements.

    I'm straight, so I'm not interested in messing with another guy, nor having another guy mess with me. However that does not mean that if you are Bi we wont be interested, it just means you'll have to be satisfied with just looking and not touching me, and letting her be the center of your attention. I know this is pretty specific, but I figured it couldnt hurt to try and see what I could find here. I have plenty of pics of us, ranging from G to XXX, and will be more than willing to share them to anyone who fits the requirements and is interested in trying to get this thing going. There is a possiblity for repeat meetings if things go well and the distance isn't too bad.

    If anyone is interested please let me know here, or email me at hung_nc_guy@yahoo.com.
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