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    Sometimes after spending the entire day on a hot track trying to keep kids focused and paying attention to their events I am spent and don’t know why I do it.

    This past Saturdays meet was different. When I first got there and parked and went to check in for the coaches meeting I looked up in the stands to see many parents already wrestling with their tarps so they could enjoy today’s events without getting sun baked. Ironically I spend the entire meet on the track and get very dark by the end of the season.

    Anyway I watched a young African American woman with her young son trying to put up a tarp so I jumped up to help her. As we were putting it up I almost melted when I seen her green eyes. After putting up I introduced myself and she to me and off I went to prepare for the days events; besides she was on the other team.

    The meet got off at 8:30 with the 3000 meters, then the hurdles and then relays and next the 100 meters.

    As we began to stage runners and I took my place along the starting line I looked up at the railing behind me to see my friend from this morning. White low cut top with black short shorts, you know the lycra kind. And she had legs too with her exotic looks I couldn’t help but stare.

    I turned back to setting the blocks and getting the runners ready for each heat. After several heats there she was leaning over the railing. I looked up and smiled and she smiled and waved too.

    After finishing the 100 meters we moved up to the 800 meter starts and as I walked up along side the fence there she was offering me a bottle of cold water.

    I wouldn’t see her again the rest of the meet and we finished about 3:30PM. I turned in my radio and grabbed my stuff as the majority of the team left and made my way to the parking lot.

    Passing the stands; there she was again with her tarp. She explained she let her son go play with some friends and she thought she could get it down by herself but… Anyway I jumped the railing and helped her take it down and then took it to her car for her. Loading it in the car she asked if I would want to get something to eat with her.

    We went to one of those chain places that tout cheap deals and beer. We must have sat and talked for two hours needless to say lunch was long gone.

    “Do you live close by”? she asked. Yes real close by I told her. Can I come by for a drink my son isn’t coming home until tomorrow. Yes I said anxiously and we paid the check and went to the cars. I told her to follow me and it was within five minutes we were pulling in front on my house.

    We got inside and she wanted to use the bathroom and I showed her where it was and asked he would she like a glass of wine. Going to the kitchen I grab tow glasses and a opened bottle of Syrah and poured two glasses and as I turn around I could see she let her hair down and it looked like she had removed her bra.

    Going into the living room we sat next to each other on the couch and small talked but she kept giving me this look. Returning from refilling our glasses as I leaned in to give her, her glass she reached up and kissed me and said thanks.

    As we sat and talked and finished the wine she kept touching me and then reaching across me to put her glass on the end table she sort of fell into my lap looking up and kissing me. We must have tongued wrestled for sometime and it was definitely beginning to get hot in here.

    Slowly she stood up and began pulling off her top (and yes she had removed her bra) she had beautiful breast not to big and firm with large areolas and huge suck able nipples. Then she tugged at her shorts pulling them down exposing a white lacey thong, she tried to cover up her stretch marks but I told her it wasn’t necessary. She was hot…

    Pushing her back on the sofa I leaned over and slowly traced her legs up and inside her until I could pull and chew on her panties. She jumped and told me she had never been eaten before! Damn this made me crazy as I made a mini feast for sometime sucking and nibbling on her wet pussy. Pulling her up I had her sit on my face and fuck my mouth damn she was good and wet and so was as my pre-cum ooze had left snail trails all over my thighs and waist.

    Getting up from my feast I stood and pulled off my clothes one to see that beautiful ass up in the air draped over the back of the sofa as I first probed it with my fingers and then my swollen cock. She had an incredible ass…

    We fucked again before she went home (after 1:30PM) and agreed that this was a one time deal as she explained she was trying to get back to her husband.

    Anyway I guess there are many reasons to coach track; this was one of my favorite!
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