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    During the week I usually don’t go out due in part to work especially during track season (I am a Track Coach). It’s the holidays and cross country has finished so I have time to do things that I don’t normally.

    Last night Jennifer called me and asked if I wanted to grab something to eat. I told her to come over since I had already started dinner. She said she would be over right after work. It was no bid deal I had cooked some braised beef shanks and made it into a Ragu sauce and a tossed salad. She pulled into the drive way and walked up to the house I could see she was dressed very professional. White blouse and tight Black Pencil Skirt that came down to just above her knee and my favorite shoes a Black Pump that made her calves look great.

    I opened a bottle of wine and we sat and ate dinner over small talk. Finishing dinner she helped to rinse and load the dish washer and I opened a second bottle of wine and we went into the TV room. It was only about 7:00PM so we had plenty of time before she would have to go. We started out watching NCIS but before long we were trading tongues and basically rolling around on the couch like a bunch of kids.

    Kissing her was always fun, she innocently would look into your eyes as you got closer and she had a habit of tilting her head slightly back and closing her eyes as you kissed her. I loved grabbing her firmly and pulling her into my mouth and then slowly trailing my hands up and down her shoulders and back. Doing so only made her nipples swell and stand at attention. I loved teasing her like this. She had huge nipples and areola but average hand size breast. Her white blouse was almost see thru and I could see she had a white lace bra on but as she got excited her nipples were fighting to be set free. As I proceeded to kiss her and nibble at her neck and my hands were cupping and caressing her breast she moved against me almost thrusting her tits in my face. She tugged at her blouse freeing it from her waist and slowly unbuttoned it as I continued to kneed and play with her breast. As she opened it completely I leaned into her kissing her above her bra and grasping her bra / breast and squeezing them.

    Her soft moans and the way she was kissing me it was obvious she was getting excited. This is when I did what I really love to do; I slid my hand up her skirt and rubbed my fingers against her warm panties which were beginning to get wet. My hand continue to probe and finger her through her panties as she lean her head back against the sofa and I kissed and nibbled at her neck and then working downward to her breast. She open and closed her legs slightly as I continued to play with her panties. My fingers had worked themselves in and out of her panties to her clit where I rubbed it and pushed my fingers in and out. She was getting so excited that her pussy made noises from being so soaking wet. I loved this her melting as I continued to play with her. Gradually I was on the floor at her feet reaching up to slide her panties down. As they slid from under her skirt they were sexy white lace and they were soaking wet with a noticeable spot in them. Taking them off the final ankle she laid there into the sofa almost melting as I opened her legs up her skirt rose up slightly and I had to push it up further to expose her pussy. As I did I traced her legs upward as I kissed and nibbled on her thighs and then her pussy. I love eating pussy and she loves having me do it too. We sat there for awhile with me drinking in her nectar and licking that pussy and sucking on her swollen clit. She was begging me to fuck her and I continued to drive her crazy until her legs wrapped around me pulling me into her and then squeezing slightly as her back arched up off the sofa and she moaned I knew she was Cumming and I went crazy sliding my tongue in and out of her pussy until she came.

    We didn’t make love in fact I discourage it telling her that I had to get up early. So she said she was going to go home and as she started to get dressed I told her I was going to keep her panties until this weekend and that she owed me big time.

    After saying good bye and taking a shower and getting ready for bed I grabbed her panties and they still were slightly wet but that smell, that sweet enticing musky feminine odor which drove all men crazy. It wasn’t long before I was lying there with a hard-on.

    I love soaking wet panties….
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    well this is a nice story , I read it in a breath! but shame on you for not fucking her right there... btw you know how to tease a girl to death and I m hungry to read the next episode...
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