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What A Mess

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by Sklar, May 12, 2019.

  1. Sklar

    Sklar Legendary Member

    Jun 25, 2006
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    Seattle (WA, US)
    There was a knock on the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone as it’s a Tuesday. My wife, Charlotte, is working late at the office. I was planning on just relaxing with Netflix and chill at home.

    I open the door and see, Matt. Matt is the only child of our neighbors. In fact, my wife is working late with Matt’s mother. Matt’s a good kid. Just out of high school at age 18. Getting ready for college at the end of the year.

    Matt did track in high school and is in pretty damn good shape.

    “Hi, Mister Clinton.” He said as I opened the door. “How are you?”

    “I’m fine, Matt. Come on in,” I said, stepping back to let him pass me. He walks past me as I shut the door. “What brings you over tonight?”

    “Well,” he says. “Mom and Mrs Clinton are working late. Dad’s not home for the next few weeks as he is over in Virginia doing that new training the Army is trying out.”

    “Yes,” I said. “It’s classified, so I can’t tell you anything about it.”

    “Oh, I wasn’t trying to get any information about it. Dad told mom and me that this was something he had to do,” Matt said. “You and he both go out for some training, don’t you, Mister Clinton?”

    “Yeah,” I said, as we made our way to the living room. “Have a seat. And call me Jim. You’re 18 now. It’s allowed.” I said with a smile.

    “Thank you, Mis…Jim,” he said with a grin. Matt, although he is very fit, is a little bit effeminate. He’ll probably grow out of that as he gets older and keeps up his track training. “So I thought I would come over and see what you’re doing. Doesn’t seem like you have plans. Do you?” He looked a little apprehensive like he had crossed a line.

    “No,” I said. "No plans except Netflix. Care to join me?”

    “Sure,” Matt said as he sat down on the couch. “What were you planning on watching?”

    “I was thinking about Outlaw King, with Chris Pine,” I said. “You know, the guy that plays Captain Kirk.”

    “I have some friends who watched that. They really liked it. Honestly, I think they watched it for the nude scene everyone was talking about.” Matt laughed as he said that.

    “I heard about that, too,” I said as I walked into the kitchen. “Do you want something to drink?”

    “How about a beer,” Matt said casually.

    “Not,” I said laughing. “You’re still 18, not 21. I could get in trouble at the base if I gave you a beer?”

    “Who would find out?” Matt asked getting up from the couch and coming over to stand by me.

    “Probably no one,” I said with a smile. “But the answer is still no.” Matt was standing pretty close to me. Not quite eye level with me. I noticed. He definitely has that runners build. I’m a bit more muscular though.

    “And you would get into some serious trouble?”

    “Yeah,” I said. “Regardless of me knowing you, it’s not going to happen.”

    “I understand,” Matt said, looking a little disappointed. “But there is one thing I don’t understand.”

    “What’s that?” I asked looking at him. I then realized that he was standing right next to me.

    “If you can get into so much trouble for that,” he said, looking me in the eyes. It was kind of unnerving. Totally out of character for him. “Then why have you been fucking my mother for the past 3 years?”

    I dropped my can of beer on the floor and my mouth fell open. It was like I was gut punched. “What?” Even in my shock, that sounded weak.

    “If you can get into so much trouble,” he said, “why are you fucking my mother?” He pulled out his phone and did something on the keyboard and turned it around to me.

    There was a picture of me with a hard on. He flipped through a series of photos of me and then some texts.

    “How did you get these?” I asked.

    “At least you weren’t stupid enough to deny it,” Matt said putting his phone away. “Also, I have made back ups of these and have them hidden in a safe spot. If something happens to me, they will get sent to my dad and your commanding officer.”

    My brain was just starting process this. This 18 year old, effeminate kid, who runs track, knows I’ve been fucking his mother for the past 3 years.

    “What do you want? I’ll stop fucking her. I’m sorry about that, Matt. Sometimes adults…”

    “Good God, shut up.” Matt said way more forcefully than I ever heard him talk before. “I want you to keep fucking her. She’s been totally happy ever since you guys have been fucking. Life is better this way. Even dad has noticed. He thinks it’s him. I’m okay to let him keep thinking that.”

    I Let out a sigh.

    “If,” Matt said. My breath caught in my throat.

    “If?” I said hoarsely.

    “If I get what I want,” Matt said.

    “What do you want?” I asked.

    “Your pictures show you’re hung pretty well. You told mom in an early text that you are 9 x 5 inches. Is that true?”

    Again, it felt like the ground fell out from under me. I pulled a chair out and sat in it. Matt came and stood in front of me. I was looking at his stomach as he talked to me.

    “Is it true?” He asked again. Numbly, I nodded yet. “I want to see it.”

    “What?” I asked not believing what I heard.

    “I said I want to see it.” Matt was standing with his legs a little further apart and I noticed a huge cock imprint running down his left leg.
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  2. Sklar

    Sklar Legendary Member

    Jun 25, 2006
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    Seattle (WA, US)
    “Why?” I asked just staring at that imprint.

    “Because you are the only man I know with a cock that is bigger than my size.” He said desperately. “The guys tease me in the locker room. Girls can’t even get their hands around it. I can’t even get a blow job because it won’t fit in a girl’s mouth. But you have a longer cock than I do. You know how to handle one. You know how to stroke one.”

    “You want me to show you how I masterbate?” I asked wrenching my gaze from his imprint to his face.

    “No, I want you to masterbate me and blow me.” He said spreading his legs a little more. That movement made me look back at his pants. There was now a stain at the end of the imprint.

    “I’m not gay, Matt,” I said getting angry.

    “I don’t care. I will keep your secret, Jim, but it comes at price. Tonight, I want to see your cock and have you masterbate and blow me.”

    “That’s not going to happen, Jim,” I said standing up. “You need to leave. Now.”

    “If I leave both my dad and your commanding officer will know about you fucking my mother. Do you want that?” He said looking me in the eyes. Where did this inner strength come from?? He may look effeminate but he’s far from being effeminate.

    “No,” I said softly. “I don’t.”

    “Then pull your shorts down. I want to see your cock.”

    I slowly pulled my shorts down and let them fall to my ankles.

    “Put your hands behind your head.”

    “What?” I said. Even that sounded stupid to me.

    “I saw it in a porn. Put your hands behind your head and keep them there,” he said.

    This is fucking humiliating, I thought to myself. The 18 year old kid from next door, has me half naked with my hands behind my back and he’s inspecting my cock like he’s buying something. He’s standing directly in front of me and squeezing my cock like it’s a roll of Charmin.

    “It’s not as big as I thought,” he said.

    “It’s not hard, Matt. I’m not exactly horny,” I said lowering my hands.

    “I didn’t tell you to move your hands. Put them back,” he ordered.

    It must be the Army part of me, but I obeyed instantly. “Good,” he said.

    “Why aren’t you horny? I feel like I’m about to explode in my pants!” He sounded whiny. Whiny and desperate.

    “Because I am not gay, Matt. I’m not finding this sexy at all. It’s actually a bit humiliating,” I said confidently. Maybe this will bring him to his senses.

    “I’ve read every text you sent to my mother, Jim. You had no problem humiliating my dad to my mom. You even sent her that picture of you leaking right after it. She even said she’d be right over.”

    “That was different,” I said.

    “How is it different?”

    “Because I was the one doing the humiliation,” I spat out. “Being in power is a big turn on for me.”

    “Well, now I have the power,” Matt said. “You’re going to masterbate me and your going to blow me. I need this! I need it now!” He reached out, put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Get on your knees.”

    Again, the Army in me obeyed, much to my inner shock. I’m a fucking Captain. And this 18 year old has me on my knees in front of him. I still had my hands behind my head. He reached down, placed his hands on my hands, trapping them there and pulled me onto that imprint. And that spot had grown. A LOT!

    My face was on his imprint and I was still processessing this. “Fucking lick me.” He gasped as he pulled me in tighter. I had to move my head a little to open my mouth and start licking him through his levi’s. I could smell that leakage. I started licking that imprint. I was at the half way point and started to lick up. I could feel the texture of the levi’s on my tongue. Matt tried to pull me tighter and he started moaning.

    “Yesss…oh God Yessss.” Over and over. I got to the top and started working my way back down. As I licked, I could feel his cock expand.

    Then relax.

    Then expand.

    As I got closer to that spot, and it was STILL growing, I could smell that musty smell. As I got to his head, he breathed, “Lick it. Oh God, lick it!” I licked there, concentrating on that head imprint. “Faster,” he breathed. I started to lick it faster. He held me there and I could feel more leaking from him. The smell was so much stronger! “Suck that spot,” he breathed.

    I started to inhale. I got some flavor on my tongue but he just held me even tighter. Then he let go of my hands.

    “Pull my pant’s down, Jim,” he ordered. Like my hands knew what he was expecting, because they just went to his pants before he said anything.

    I undid his top button. Just looking at that imprint in front of me.

    I undid the second one. That’s when I felt his pubic hair. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. I don’t know why that shocked me. There’s no way that imprint could be there if he was wearing any. I undid the rest and slowly started to peel his pants down.

    I saw the base of his shaft. It was thick!

    I kept peeling his pants down and more of his cock started to show. The Intelligence Officer in me started that mental comparison. He’s definitely thicker than I am! As I peeled his pants down and more and more of his thick cock was shown, it turned out he gets thicker the closer to the top of his cock.

    Jesus, I thought to myself. No wonder he gets teased! This is monster thick!

    Finally, the head pops free. Matt breaths out huskily and there is a long string of precum at the end.

    I am eyeball to cock and I’m shocked. This effeminate looking track star has a monster cock!

    “How…,” I stammer, “how big is this?”

    “8 x 8 at it’s thickest,” he breathers. “Oh God, I feel so good. This is so good, Jim.” He takes his left hand, grabs his cock by the base and then leans closer to me and starts to run his cock all over my face. I feel that stream of leakage on my forehead, my cheeks, under my nose. And it is still leaking!

    “Jim,” He breaths. Again, my hands anticipate his next command and my left hand grabs him at the base of his cock. My right hand, instinctively, it seems goes for the thickest part. My fingers can’t even touch themselves at that part. Again, the Intelligence Officer in me notices that he is uncut as I start to stroke him

    “Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.” Matt starts moaning over and over again. “Lick my head. Lick it and swallow it.”

    I lick the head and feel it jump. A thicker stream starts coming out. I run my tongue over the head, making him stand up on his toes. I lick under the head and am rewarded with a pulse of leakage that lands on my nose.

    “Put it in your mouth….” He says.

    I open my mouth as wide as I can and take in the head, licking it. “AAAHHHHH,” He clasps his hands against the back of my head. I know he’s close and he’s going to do what I do, fuck my mouth.

    I can’t fight him and I am to nervous to relax. Then he pulls me onto his cock more and my mouth is stretch wide! Now, I have an idea on how my wife feels when I do this to her but she does it effortlessly. I can feel my mouth twitch.

    “Oh God. Oh God. OH GOD!!!!!” With each those words he fucks deeper into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. I hold onto the back of his legs. He starts going faster and faster and deeper. He hits something in the back of my throat and I start to gag but after each gag he’s deeper until he is lodged at the back of my throat and can’t go any deeper and he’s still not all the way in my mouth!

    And then it happens. He starts shooting! OOOOOHHHH GGGGGGGOOOODDDD!!!!!!

    He locks my head in place and fills my mouth and it triggers my gag reflex. I started gagging but his cock is there and not moving. I heave once and it goes back down. But some find its way into my nose.

    My eyes start to water from that burn.

    I heave again and some makes it past his cock and stays in my mouth but starts to leak out.

    I heave again and he pulls his cock out.

    I collapse onto my hands. I am breathing deeply. Fast. I have his cum and my gagging dripping out of my mouth. I also felt him shoot down my throat.

    Something is running out my nose.

    My eyes are watering fierce and shut tight.

    I feel Matt stand closer to me and then he starts to wipe his cock off in my hair.

    He then stops, lifts my chin up, I can feel his legs shaking.

    “Open your mouth,” he said.

    I obey and he puts his cock back in my mouth.

    “Clean it,” he says. Still in daze I start to. I also realize he is still hard! I take as much as I can in my mouth until it’s clean. I then start to lick the rest of it. I faintly notice he is rubbing my head and cheek.

    Finally, he pulls away. Then sits down in front of me, breathing heavy.

    “That…that was amazing!” He smiles at me and there is a glow around him. A glow I know very well from fucking a woman and leaving her breathless and me feeling like a King.

    “Are we good?” I ask. Sitting back on my haunches.

    Matt stands up, pulls his pants up and says, “For now. You keep fucking my mother. You’re not to change that at all. But we are just getting started.” He pats me on my head and then heads home.

    “Fuck,” is all I can think at this point.
  3. laptoper

    Gold Member Verified

    Aug 15, 2010
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    Auckland (AUK, NZ)
    That was very very hot!
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  4. louphodu

    louphodu Expert Member

    Dec 4, 2018
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    Ciudad Bolivar (VE)
    Hot AF! Can't wait for more
  5. meatymuscle

    meatymuscle Superior Member

    Oct 23, 2014
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    Raleigh (NC, US)
    “The Matturation”
    Well done man. I loved it. Both the cocky young buck and the innate soldier response and maybe some leadership based in fear ...
    Got me fucking hard and leaking for sure.
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  6. Quinnster64

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    Dec 13, 2006
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    Yakima (WA, US)
    Great story, Sir!
  7. Sklar

    Sklar Legendary Member

    Jun 25, 2006
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    Seattle (WA, US)
    I hear the door close as I try to catch my breath. Slowly, my breathing gets under control. I notice the puddle that my left hand is in.

    A mixture of saliva, my gagging and Matt’s cum. Then I wrinkle my nose at the smell. I need to clean this up. As I get up, I am reminded that my shorts are at my ankles as my cock hangs in the air. I look at my cock, a bit fearfully.

    I’ve seen enough porn and read enough stories of this happening to other straight men and that they got hard ons and turned on and would cum from what just happened to me.

    I take a shaking hand and lift my cock up. It doesn’t feel like it is limp from having a hard on or from cumming. I quickly look on the floor to see if I shot anywhere.

    I don’t see anything. Still, just to be sure, I kneel back down, where I was, and look directly under my dangling cock. The floor is dry.

    Thank God, I breath. I reach down to pull up my shorts and my hand freezes.

    What if I came onto my shorts???

    I strip off my shorts, looking them over, turning them inside out…


    I let out a sigh of relief.

    Since I have my shorts in my hand, I start to use them to wipe up the mess on the floor. Thankfully, there’s not a lot. Grabbing some soap and a washcloth, I clean up the mess. I walk down the hallway to the washer and put them in it. Since it’s just two items, I go to the bedroom and grab some dirty clothes from the hamper and put them in there and start it up.

    I cough a little bit. The back of my throat is sore. Little wonder when monster cock boy forced it down there. He can’t seriously think I am going to be able to deep throat that, is he?? The closest I ever came to giving a blow job was when I was younger and could suck myself.

    Suddenly, I felt my cock swell.

    Oh shit…

    Did thinking about deep thoating Matt make my cock swell??? No, no twinge when I picture that in my head. What made it swell? When I remembered I used to self-suck myself?

    My cock swells at that thought.

    Thank God. Still not gay. I give myself a little chuckle. It’s mainly of relief and my way of stressing down. I head to the master bathroom in the bedroom and look at myself in the mirror.

    What a mess, I think to myself. Even though I keep my hair regulation, it’s still all matted up from Matt cleaning his cock on my hair. My face glistens from where he ran his cock all over it. My mouth is caked from my gagging. When I do that to women, my cock gets so hard.

    Just like Matt’s did tonight.


    I still don’t know what he wants, ultimately. I open a couple windows in the bedroom as it’s a bit warm and I step into the shower. I grab the soap and start washing myself.


    I know he wants me to keep fucking his mother. His mother is just as hot as Charlotte. But her pussy is tighter. I know from fucking her, that Paul is nowhere near as big or as thick as Matt. Her pussy told me that. But, when we first started texting, she did say that Paul was 7 x 4. Okay length, pitiful girth.

    My cock starts to swell, thinking about how I fuck Lisa better and how humiliating for Paul to know that, if he ever found out, not only can I stretch her out farther than he can, but that I can reach places he never will.

    Except Matt’s cock will stretch anyone out better than mine ever will.

    Crap. Fucking 18 year old.

    My cock slowly starts to deflate. Fuck. FUCK. FUCK. FUCKITY FUCK FUCK!!!! I think throwing the soap against the wall.
  8. Sklar

    Sklar Legendary Member

    Jun 25, 2006
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    Seattle (WA, US)
    “Jim, is that you?”

    It’s Charlotte. She’s home.

    My cock rages to full mast!

    Oh, thank God!

    I turn the shower off, step out to the sink and start to dry my face and hair. Can’t let her suspect that I got throat raped by our neighbor’s son! Even thinking that, my hard on didn’t go down because…

    Charlotte’s home!

    I’m going to fuck her and fuck her like it was our honeymoon!

    “Char, I’m in the bathroom.” I grab some Listerine and start to gargle as she enters.

    “Well, someone’s happy to see me,” she says looking me up and down.

    I spit the Listerine into the sink and fill the glass with water.

    “You have no idea how glad I am to see you,” I say as I flex my hard on up and down.

    “Your voice sounds a different. Are you coming down with something?” She asks as she glides her way over to me, reaching out to gently stroke my huge hard on.

    I can’t very well tell her I got throat raped.

    By an 18 year old.

    With the thickest cock I’ve ever seen.

    “No, I just ate some chicken, earlier. Went down wrong,” You have no idea, I thought, as I start to drink the water.

    “Hopefully, you didn’t get a bone stuck in there,” she said as she starts to grip my cock.

    I spew the water onto the mirror. Coughing.

    “Oh my God! Are you okay?” She asks letting go of my cock.

    “I’m fine. Nothing that some of your pussy juice won’t cure,” I say as I pick her up and bring her to the bed and set her down. We’re Frenching the entire way. I bend down a little, cradling her head in my hand as I kiss her.

    I force my tongue into her mouth and hers quickly fights with mine. I take my right hand and bring it down to her breast and start to play with it. She starts to moan.

    My cock gets harder. She reaches out and grabs my cock, again. Squeezing it hard. Letting it go.

    Squeezing it hard.

    Letting it go.

    We’re both breathing hard against each other.

    I use my hands to take off her blouse. She stops grabbing my cock and lifts her arms above her head. As I lift up and the blouse, it momentarily blocks her vision. I keep it there and dive onto her breasts through her bra.

    I start licking.

    Nibbling .

    Sucking on each breast. Her breathing gets shallower and shallower. She loves kink and being blindfolded. I can smell her. She’s getting wet.

    I remove her blouse and afterwards, she removes her bra. I lift her up and she wraps her legs around me, trapping my cock between us. We still are tongue fighting each other.

    She rakes her fingers up and down my spine.

    God, I love that!

    She grinds herself into me. Her hands on my back. My hands on her ass, kneading each cheek.

    We break apart.

    “Take those God damn pants off,” I order her as I take my left hand and run them down the front of her pants. I can feel the heat and press hard against it, making her moan a bit more. As she lowers them, my hand finds its way to her lips.

    I bring my juice coated hand to my mouth and suck them. Her eyes never leave mine. I take the same hand, reach over and cover her mouth.

    “Smell them.” She closes her eyes and breaths deeply. My other hand starts grabs my cock at the base and runs it up and down from her pussy lips.

    She still is breathing fast.

    “You like that?” I ask her.

    “Yes,” she says.

    “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you. Do you like that?!” I say in my old Drill Instructor voice.

    “Yes, Sir!” She says louder.

    “Get on your back, head over the edge.” I whisper in her ear. By now, my cock is flat against my abs. It hasn’t been that hard in years and leaking like I’m a virgin again.

    I place both legs on each side of her head, position my cock at her mouth and as she opens it, I slowly sink into it.

    One inch. Nice.

    Two inches. Her tongue is caressing my shaft.

    Three inches. I lean over her and start to lick her clit. Her legs jump a little as she moans around my long cock.

    Four inches. I stop, so she can catch her breath and start to dive into her pussy with my tongue. Her legs lift up a little and try to encircle my head. This brings her ass to me and I start to play with that with my right hand.

    Now, I start to pump in and out of her mouth.

    Pump out, I feel her lips pucker against my shaft and her tongue raking it.

    Pump in, her lips loosen up but I am getting further into her.

    I keep going, getting faster with my pumping and tonguing her pussy and fingering her ass.

    She’s being assaulted on all three fronts. There is constant pussy juice running out of her. I’m using it as lube for fingering her ass.

    Finally, I am balls deep in her mouth and she is taking it like the champion cock sucker she is. I hold it there for ten seconds then stand up and pull out of her.

    My cock is coated with her saliva. She is still a bit dazed and I turn her around. It’s been a while since I’ve fucked her like this.

    I place my huge, coated cock at her pussy.

    And ram it in!

    Her entire body clenches as if it’s paralyzed. It’s so tight, I can’t move my cock. It’s trapped!


    The shaking starts.

    Her entire body starts to twitch.

    Her nipples are standing straight up.

    Her pussy is contracting and expanding around my cock so much and so tight that it hurts!

    Then, she starts to scream!


    She let’s loose more pussy juice than I have ever seen her release.

    My cock starts shooting into her.

    I’m breathing rapidly.

    Sweat is pouring off of me.

    I look down and see her juice wash out some of my cum.

    I pull my cock out and dive back in there.

    She reflexively encircles my head with her legs as I keep eating her.

    nonononononononononononononononononononononoOOOOOOOOHHHHHH GOD!

    And another wave crashes into my face. Her legs drop down.

    I feel myself shoot again!

    I stand up and shoot the rest onto her clit.

    Then I go back down on her clit.

    She tries to lift her legs again, but I hold them down as I nibble, suck and pull on her clit with my teeth.

    She has another orgasm.

    Then the room is silent.

    I crawl on top of her. Place my softening cock against her pussy lips and start to grind as she makes some low noises and twitches.

    She opens her eyes and we slowly start to kiss.

    “Where did that come from?” She asks me with a smile on her face.

    “Where it always comes from,” I said as I kissed her. “From the heart.”

    She kisses me back, “I love you, Jim.”

    “I love you, too, Char,” I said as we start to spoon and fall asleep.

    After sex, especially with a powerful orgasm, Char always falls right asleep. Nothing can wake her up.

    Me, I still need to unwind. I think of everything that happened tonight. From Matt to Charlotte. I kept telling Matt that I am not gay, I just proved that by fucking my wife <dick throb>.

    Down boy.

    I never thought of Matt being gay. Then I replayed all that happened to me with Matt.

    I’ve got to stop over thinking this crap.

    But I can’t. It’s what I do!

    What I just did to Char <dick throb>. Down boy.

    Matt did to me. And he will want more.

    Fuck, I thought as I drifted off to sleep.
  9. Sklar

    Sklar Legendary Member

    Jun 25, 2006
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    Seattle (WA, US)
    *****STORY BREAK*****

    Thank you all for your comments.

    If you like, please post pictures of men and women who you think the characters look like.

    The only rules will be:

    1) They have to be either porn stars OR yourself. No anonymous people.

    2) They have to have face and body shot. No headless pictures and no cock/pussy only pictures.

    3) You have to say which character it is you are posting for.

    Thank you again.
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  10. Sklar

    Sklar Legendary Member

    Jun 25, 2006
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    Seattle (WA, US)
    I wake up, spooning next to Char. My soft cock nestled in her ass cheeks. My right hand on her breast. I nuzzle into her neck and start to play with her nipple. My cock starts to wake up.

    I, slowly and gently, roll her nipple between my thumb and index finger. Feeling it start to stiffen up. She slowly starts to arch her back. My cock slips from her ass cheeks as it gets into the floppy hard state.

    I reach down and slowly draw it down her ass cheek and place the head just inside her pussy. It’s still wet from last night. I reach back around and start to play with her nipple again.

    She let’s out a sigh. As my cock starts to move from that floppy hard state to its full length, it starts to penetrate inside Char as it grows. I gently rock my hips back and forth, getting deeper into her.

    She arches, again, and stretches her hand and places it down on my ass cheek.

    She turns her head to me, smiling with that morning glow, “Mmmmm, morning, stud.”

    “Morning, beautiful,” I say, as I kiss her and keep going slowly in and out of her.

    “This is the way to wake up,” she says, smiling. “Go easy this morning. I’m a bit stiff from last night.”

    “Easy it is,” I smile. We keep spooning, as I gently go back and forth, into and out of her. By now, my cock is fully hard. She’s getting wetter, making it easier for me to do this. I take my hand from her nipple, and, with my nails, scrap down to her pussy.

    I run my fingers all around her lips, every now and then putting two fingers on either side of my cock, as if helping to guide it in. But mostly, I go slow and play with her lips and clit. They are so full and tantalizing.

    As I pull my cock back, to her entrance, she pulls away, slightly. As I slowly go back in, she pushes back, just as gently. We do this and I hear her breathing change. I can feel her pussy start to tighten up on my cock.

    Keeping the same pace, I start to flick her clit.

    Her pussy tightens and my cock throbs along with it.

    I downstroke out of her and feel her walls grip my cock not wanting to be left empty. I start the upstroke and feel those same walls, that tried to keep my cock from leaving, give slightly <dick throb> as I push back into her.

    I push all the way in and hold it there, pressing a little harder into her and flex my cock against those tightening walls. They spasm and my cock begins to shoot.

    Once – I feel a long rope shoot out of me and Char starts breathing quicker.

    Twice – Her walls start to milk my cock as her orgasm begins. She’s mewing softly.

    Three – I feel her juice along the shaft of my cock. Like a warm shower.

    Four – Her walls start to slow down.

    Five – My last rope fills her.

    I slip out of her and move myself down to her pussy. I love eating her just after she orgasms. She’s so vibrant and sensitive.

    I start to eat her and her legs, instinctively, begin to wrap around my head. I hold them down as I flick her clit once with my tongue and then begin to lick my way up her body. I get to her face and start to softly kiss her.

    After a few moments, we break the kiss.

    “Hi,” I say with a goofy grin.

    “Hi,” she says. “We haven’t had sex like this, or last night, in a long time. What made you so horny?”

    To myself I said, You don’t want to know. To her I said, “I was just really horned up from remembering how we used to fuck when we were first dating. I think, because of work, we’ve both gotten a bit routine. So I wanted to do something for the both of us.”

    “Yeah, I’ve felt the same way, but I didn’t know how to tell you with us working such different hours. Jesus, look at the time,” she said. “I need to get showered and ready before rush hour hits.”

    She gets out of bed and heads into the shower. Wow, I didn’t know Char felt that way. That was just something I thought up, on the spur of the moment. Being in intelligence, I learned a long time ago how to either stretch the truth or bend it to suit my needs. But, now that I think about it, we have been pretty dull sex wise. And our schedules haven’t been very convenient for either of us.

    I get up and throw on a pair of shorts. Wednesdays, I can get to the base by 10 AM. That’s when the regimental intelligence divisions have their weekly meeting.

    I head over to the kitchen and start to make some coffee. I grab a bagel and some cream cheese and start to eat. I make two for Char and set them in a bag for her. Fifteen minutes later, Char is there, looking pretty damned good for such a short amount of time. I kiss her, again.

    “I’ve made you a snack for the road,” I said handing her the bag.

    “Thank you,” she says, kissing me back. She takes the bag and heads off. I watch her drive off in her Corvette. We both have one. Mine is black. Hers is sun yellow.

    I head back to the kitchen to my bagel and coffee. I grab my phone and start reading what’s going on in the world. But, also, in the back of my mind, replaying what Char said, too. A few minutes later, there’s a knock on my front door.

    I am still reading the news on the phone as I walk to the door. I look out and my breath catches.

    It’s Matt.

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    Oh This is getting good! WTF? Is Matt going to want now? Especially with your lady at home? Please continue!
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    I like the arrogance of Matt. That’s a real SOB right there. He’s really got Mister Clinton by the balls. With knowing he’s banging his mom and all. I like the blackmail type of themes. Good job on this.
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    I stand there at the door for a moment.


    “Open the door, Jim,” Matt says. My left hand moves automatically to the door handle and opens it. What the fuck I think to myself.

    As I pull the door in, Matt walks in. He has on some loose shorts and a damp t-shirt stuck into the front of his shorts. His hair is matted with sweat and it’s obvious he has just come from a run. He’s been keeping up his running since graduation. I shut the door.

    “When I knock on the door, Jim, I expect you to open it. Is that understood?” He said looking me in the eyes.

    “I, ah, wasn’t expecting you, Matt.” Which was the truth.

    “I don’t care, Jim. You see it’s me, you open the door. Is. That. Understood.” He says in an even, calm, but low voice.

    “Okay,” I say. I can’t break eye contact with him.

    “You can answer better than that, Jim,” Matt says in that same voice, with that intense stare.

    “Okay, Matt,” I say a bit strongly, emphasizing his name.

    “Not good enough, Captain. What if one of your Corporals spoke to you like that? What would you do?” He says looking me in the eyes. I don’t even remember if I saw him blink yet.

    “I’d remind him who he is and who I am and make sure…that…he…spoke to me with respect for my…rank.” I said, seeing where this is going.

    “Yes, Sir,” I can’t believe I am saying that to him. I can feel myself starting to sweat a little.

    “Yes, Sir, what?” Matt says. “I want to make sure you understand.”

    “Sir,” I say. “When I see it’s you at the door, I will open it immediately.” Jesus, how did I get to this spot?

    “Good boy,” Matt said. “Now, hands behind your back, boy.”

    I snap my hands back to a parade rest position. Matts starts smiling. That intense stare disappearing. I’m not liking being called boy by an 18 year old. And standing in parade rest, in just shorts, is a bit humiliating.

    “Why are you here, Matt? SIR!” I correct myself immediately. Damn it!

    “You don’t need to call me Sir all the time, Jim. When I feel that you disrespected me, I will remind you who is in charge. Can’t have you calling me Sir if we are surrounded by friends and family, now, can we?” He said with a grin.

    “No, we can’t,” I agreed, sighing mentally.

    “Also, take of those shorts. Whenever it’s just you and I alone, you’re to be naked.”

    “What? Why?” I ask.

    “Because I told you to,” Matt said. “That’s all the reason you need, Captain.”

    “Yes, Sir,” I say automatically. Maybe it’s because he called me Captain, I think to myself.

    I lower my shorts to the floor and step out of them. Naked, again, in front of him. My hands go back to parade rest position. Damn it. I am doing things automatically for him without him even asking for it, now.

    “To answer your question, I saw Mrs. Clinton drive by me as I was finishing my run. Mom left for the office just before I left on my run. I thought that instead of going to clean up. I’d come over here.”

    “You want to use my shower?” I asked, cocking my head.

    “I want to use you. My cocksucker.” Matt lifts up his left arm and puts his hand behind his head.

    “I have to be to work soon, Matt.” I tell him.

    “You have the same schedule as my father does, Jim. I know when you have to be at work and we have plenty of time. Quit stalling.”

    I stare at him, not understanding what he wants. Although it does give me a good look at his body. Any woman or girl would love to in my place right now. His body is in great shape from track and him being 18 (why am I stuck on that?).

    “This pit isn’t going to clean itself, Jim. Come over here.”

    I start walking towards him, lowering my hands.

    “Put those hands back!” He orders. My hands snap back into position. Jesus fucking Christ! Military training. I am now standing in front of him. Looking slightly down into his eyes. “Get your head into my pit. Start smelling it and licking.”

    I look at him for a few seconds and he cocks his head at me. I dip down to put my nose in his wet pit. Jesus, it’s wet in there.

    “Breath in, Jim.” Matt says. He lowers his arm a little, forcing my nose deeper into his wet pit. It has that same musty smell that mine do, when I lift weights hard. But there is also a mingling of dust, since he was running along side the road. “Now, start to lick.”

    I start to use the tip of my tongue and make light contact with his pit hair.

    “That’s the best you can do?” Matt says scornfully. “Lick it like it’s your wife’s pussy.”

    “What?” I said standing up.

    “Next time, don’t leave your window open or the drapes open. I was outside, watching and listening. I figured you would do a hard session to try and reclaim your manhood. You sure didn’t disappoint. I want that same tongue action on my pits as you did on Mrs. Clinton's pussy. Is that understood?” Matt said forcefully.

    There was no doubt about this one. “Yes, Sir.” I said and dove back into his pit, licking it like it was Char’s pussy. He fucking watched us last night! Shit! I used the flat of my tongue to lap up he sweat. I used the tip of my tongue to get into some knots his hair was tied into. Matt was moaning softly.

    “Good job on keep your hands at parade rest, boy.” Matt said. Jesus, military training. “You are now free to use them.” I take my right hand and reach up to his left arm and move it a little so I can get a better view and access to his pit. Me left hand snakes down his shorts, though his pubic hair and scratches that for a bit, then I run my palm down his shaft. He’s not hard but it’s still feels very meaty.

    “The way you keep running your fingers through my pubes, I think you like that, Jim.” Matt says with a smirk.

    “I am doing what I think you will like, Matt.” I say lifting my head from his pit.

    “See, that’s what I want. You to anticipate my wants and desires. You’re doing good so far.” Matt said smiling but looking intensely in my eyes. Jesus, the fucker is letting me train myself for his pleasure.

    “Stand up and take two steps back, Jim.” Matt says. I do as he says and my hands snap back into parade rest. Jesus fucking Christ. I AM training myself for him. He looks me over a few times. I feeling that fucking Charmin roll again. After a few moments he asks, “Why do you shave your pubes off, Jim?”

    “I’ve been shaving them off since I was your age,” I say. “It makes my package look larger, too.”

    “Men have hair,” he says. “You look like a pre-pubescent boy, with no hair. And you have a large package, anyways.”

    I feel a bit of anger with his comment. That was uncalled for.

    “Follow me,” he says. Jesus, now I am following him in my own home! This can’t continue. But I don’t know how to get out of it. He leads the way to the bedroom. Oh Shit. He goes to the bed, turns and stares at me as I come up to him.
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    “Take off my shorts,” he says. I kneel down, remove his shirt from his waist band, and drop it to the floor. He reaches down, cups my chin in his hand and pulls my head, while I am still kneeling. “Never drop my clothing on the floor like it’s a rag. Pick it up, fold it, and set it down.” Again, that calm, voice but intense eyes.

    “Sorry, Sir,” there was no mistaking THAT, either! I reach over and take his shirt, fold it neatly, even though it’s sweated through, and set it down. With out needing to be reminded, fucking Army training, I reach up and pull his shorts down. He steps out of them, spreads his legs a little wider, as I fold his shorts.

    Again, I am eye level with his cock. This time, I also notice his balls. Low hangers. Tarzan could swing from those fuckers. His cock is between that limp and floppy hard stage. His foreskin covering the head. I sit there for a moment, unsure what to do. He fixes that.

    “Get on the bed, Jim.” I sit on the edge of the bed looking at him. “Lay down, on your back, with your head at the foot board. I do as I am told. Jesus.

    Matt gets on the bed, standing over me for a moment, cock getting hard, now. Fuck, that’s impressive from this angle, I think. I also think if others thought the same about my cock.

    Matt turns around and slowly starts to lower his ass to my face. Oh, shit!

    I put a hand up on his ass to stop him from lowering it. “I don’t eat ass, Matt.”

    Matt quickly turns around and sits on my upper chest. His cock is hardening and sticking out now. He grips it at the base and starts to smack my mouth and nose with it. Leakage spew out of it with every smack. I put my hands down. At least I can suck him off again. My God, is that how I am rationalizing this now???

    Matt has that intense look in his eyes and I can’t break contact with him. “There’s a lot of things you didn’t use to do, Captain.”

    “Is,” he smacks my face with his cock. “That” Smack. “Under.” Smack. “Stood?” Smack and he leaves it there. He’s leaking like he did last night all over my face.

    “Sir,” I start to say. As soon as my mouth is open he shoves it in there. He grabs me by the ears and pulls me more onto his hardening cock. God, this is uncomfortable. I feel the back of my throat puddle up with his leakage.

    “Yeah, I feel it filling your mouth with my leakage, Jim.” Matt says. “Now, swallow it.”

    I do. He pulls his cock out. “Do I need to do that again?” He asks.

    “No, Sir,” I say shaking my head.

    “Good.” Matt says. He turns around, spreads his ass cheeks and plants his ass on my face. “Now, go to town like you did last night."

    I do. I use the flat of my tongue, like I did on his pit. I lick around his hole. I lick his hole. I notice the scent is similar to his pit but richer. I Put my lips on his hole and suck, pulling it a little. He starts moaning. I feel his hole open a little. I curve my tongue into a U shape and penetrate that hole. AAAAAHHHHH, he moans loudly. I do that again. And again. And again. I keep him moaning and squirming.

    “OHSHITOHSHITOHSHITOHSHIT,” he’s trying to keep his voice down but failing. “Put your head over the side of the bed. DO IT,” He orders as he jumps off me to the floor. I see him gripping his cock. It’s not fully hard. I can tell he’s trying to prevent himself from cuming.

    As soon as he jumped off me, I did as I was ordered. FUCK. He saw me do this to Char last night. It’s my turn now. I hang my head over the side of the bed. He’s there like lightening. My mouth is already open. Jesus.

    He shoves his semi into my mouth. As soon as my lips close on it, he shoots. And he fucks.

    “Fucking swallow it all,” he breaths to me, trying to control his voice. I will my throat to open, like when I chug a beer.

    And he shoots! Shove it in deep.

    He pulls out and then shoves it back in again.

    And he shoots! His cock goes deeper into my mouth.

    He pulls back out and goes in deeper, getting to the back of my mouth, my tongue swirling around trying to help swallow his cum.

    And he shoots!

    I didn’t bother trying to count how many times he was shooting. I was too busy trying to swallow it all. I don’t know how long it lasted but he finally pulls out. Spent.

    He shakily crawls on the bed. Turns around, back against the headboard, legs spread wide. I move to a sitting position at the end of the bed. He’s got that dazed look, but he is still stroking his cock. It’s now getting floppy hard and his foreskin is catching his leakage, still.

    “Come here, Jim,” he says lightly, slowly moving his cock back and forth. “Come clean this.”

    Fuck, I think.
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    Awesome story!
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    This story is Twisted!
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    this is so fuckin gHOT
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    I crawl towards him on the bed. He stopped rocking his cock back and forth. My jaw is sore from him forcing it in but it’s a dull sore. I grab his cock at the base and he places both his hands behind his head. He glances at the clock. It’s 7:30 AM. Crap. He’s got all the time in the world.

    I put my other hand on top of the other and he still has cock exposed. He’s definitely hung. The only reason I can wrap my top hand around his cock is because it’s soft now. Last night, I couldn’t even feel my fingers touch last night.

    I slowly bring my head down to his cock head. Jesus, it’s big and has that fresh semen smell. His foreskin catches his leaking and it pools there. I look up at him.

    The fucker is in total control and loving it.

    When I do this to women, I love it, too. Now, I know how they feel. He radiates confidence.

    He nods at me and I take my tongue, fuck! I ASKED for permission and he gave it, I lick that puddle and swallow it.

    “Take your tongue and clean along the inside of my hood, Jim,” he says. He’s not even looking anymore. His eyes are closed. He knows he is in control. I stick my tongue under his hood and lick around. It’s filled with leakage and some uneven spots. He moves his left hand down to my head and begins to rub my head. Like I used to do when I had a dog and rewarded him with a rub. Fuck. Positive reinforcement. I continue to lick the inside of his hood clean.

    His cock has shrunk some more. Now it’s totally engulfed by both my hands. He opens his eyes, “Get on your knees.” I rearrange myself.

    He gets on his knees and knee walks to me. We’re knee to knee. In this position, he can look me right in the eyes. He reaches out and lifts my cock. It’s been limp the entire time. He moves closer and places his cock next to mine.

    Mine is thinner than his but, soft, we both seem to be the same length. Luckily, I know I am longer than him when fully hard.

    He slowly starts to jack me, never looking anywhere but my face. I had broken eye contact when he moved our cocks next to each other. After a few minutes, he stops jacking me.

    “Why aren’t you hard?” He asks me. Still looking at me.

    “Because I’m not turned on, Matt. I’m a bit humiliated. I’m not gay. My best friends’ son is blackmailing me for sex,” I said, returning that look. “I never thought you were gay, Matt.”

    “Best friend’s son, my ass,” he said looking right back at me. “If he WAS your best friend, you wouldn’t be fucking his wife.” I wince at that. “Yeah, that’s why I have you by the balls. As hairless as they are.”

    “Matt,” I begin.

    “Shut up. Just fucking shut up before I force my cock down your throat again.” He says. I don’t want that forced down my throat again. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it, but that stare just got deadlier. I don’t know how to react to THIS Matt. This isn’t the kid who grew up next door. This one is holding a grudge for my affair with his mother. And he is starting to scare me.

    “To answer your question, I’m not gay.”

    “Oh really? I say sarcastically. “Forcing me to blow you, suck on your balls, eat your cum, isn’t gay?”

    “No, it’s not. As far as I’m concerned, you’re just a living sex toy for me to experiment on and learn from. I told you last night, you’re the only man I know with a cock bigger than mine. So, I’m going to learn from you, use your body as I see fit, so I can learn how to use my cock to the best of my abilities. Every fantasy I’ve had, I am going to try out on you first, Jim. I’m glad you’re not gay, Jim. That way, when I get you hard in my presence, when you eventually get hard on your own, in my presence, when I get you addicted to my cock, my body, my scent, I know I’ve mastered how to use this.”

    As he was speaking, my breath was catching. His eyes never left mine. He said it so matter of fact.

    He has a plan.

    And I’m the guinea pig.

    He wants to turn me into his own personal sex toy.

    I’m going to be molded into what HE wants.

    And there’s not a damn thing I can do to stop him.

    And it’s already happening!

    Something pokes me in the stomach. His dick got hard again as he was talking. This is turning him on. Power does that. I know because it’s a turn on for me, too. I just never thought I’d be on the receiving end of it.

    Without breaking eye contact, he grabs his cock and mine and I feel them side by side. “Look down, Jim,” he orders.

    I look down. His hardening cock is next time mine. The tip of my cock isn’t close to his body. His is longer at this point and thicker. Mine looks so much smaller than his right now. But if I get hard and show him that I am longer, he wins because I am getting hard in his presence.

    Crap, I lose either way!

    “You’re lucky it’s 8 am. Now, we need to finish up,” he says.

    “We…we’re not done?” I stammer. Still trying to process his goals and my role in them. How much more of his cock does he want me to suck?

    “You’ll never be done with me, Jim, until I say we’re done.” He says getting off the bed. Christ, that cock is sticking up at a 45-degree angle. “But right now, I want to see your underwear drawer.”

    “What for?” I ask, getting off the couch.

    “You don’t need to know that,” he says, “you just need to obey.” He takes his cock by the base and smacks it into the palm of his other hand.

    “Matt,” I say, do I sound like I’m pleading with him? “For me to better teach you, I need to know the reasons why.” He looks at me for a few moments with that stare and I feel my breath catch. Suddenly, he smiles. A real, genuine, smile. His entire attitude transforms.

    “Thank you, Jim,” he says. I am supposed to be smart, but this kid has had me confused ever since this started. “You’re right. I want to see what kind of underwear you wear. I can’t wear anything from the local stores. I want to see what you have and see how they fit.”

    “That’s all,” I ask, bewildered. I walk over to the dresser and he follows. Suddenly, I’m in charge. That makes me feel better. Or is that what he wants me to feel? Shit, I’m so fucking confused. I pull out a couple pairs. Basic colors, white, black, blue and red. “Here I say.”

    He looks at them and asks, “Why the different colors?”

    “Some colors help to either hid my bulge or show it off. What’s your waist size?”

    “30,” he says looking at the black pair. He picks them up and starts to put them on. His hard on deflated as we were talking. He puts them on. “Damn, these do feel good. I don’t feel like I’m being strangled down there.”

    I reach over and say, “Let me help just a little.” I reach into his underwear, why am I calling it his, and rearrange him a little. Then step back.

    “Damn,” he says, looking down. “They feel so right against me. But the waist is a bit loose.”

    “That’s because those are bigger in the waist. They’re for me, remember. But I do have an older pair I keep around. Let me get them for you.” Why am I volunteering this?? Maybe it’s because this is such a basic thing but for guys like us, we need something beyond basic. So, he’s right to come to me for this advice. Son of a bitch! Am I now justifying, to myself, that it’s right to help him?

    I dig a little deeper and bring out an older pair that I had for a long time. I hand them to him. “Try these on,” I say. He looks at me for a few seconds. I look back at him and he nods his head down. Crap. And here I thought we were done with that for today. ‘You’ll never be done with me, Jim, until I say we’re done,’ those words echoing in my head from earlier.

    I get on my knees in front of him. He clears his throat and gives another nod down. This time, he juts out his hips. The fucker is making me take his, MY, FUCK, underwear off of him. I reach out with both hands and slowly pull them down. I even reach in to make sure nothing bunches under his balls, as that’s happened to me, before. He rubs my head again. FUCK.

    This time, he puts on the underwear. He then rearranges himself. “Damn, these fit nice! What brand are they, Jim?” he asks while looking down at his package and then turning his head to see his ass. As he does that, his bulge is profiled. I hate to say it, but it’s impressive in his, MY, underwear.

    “That company went out of business years ago,” I said. He looked a little crestfallen. “But you can order the first one you put on, online. I can show you the website.”

    “You can?” he asks enthusiastically. Now, THAT is the Matt that I grew up with.

    “I can,” I said. “Come over to my workstation.” I lead the way, feeling good, for some reason. I take him into the den. The curtains are closed as I like it a bit dark when I work.

    “Oh, cool!” Matt exclaims. “You have a standing workstation. Those are awesome!”

    “Yes, they are,” I said smiling. “Here. Let me pull up the website so you can look it over.” Since I have it favorited, it’s easy to do. I step aside to let Matt begin to look it over. He comes over and starts looking at the home page.

    “On your knees, in front of me, Jim,” he says. Crap. Back to this. I get on my knees in front of him, hands behind my back. He reaches down and rubs my head. “Good, you know now that’s the position for you. Naked, on your knees and hands behind your back.”

    Crap, he has already begun to mold me and I’ve ALREADY fallen into a pattern! My face is directly in front of his package. And it’s getting bigger. There’s already a stain from him starting to leak. Shit, how much does he produce.

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    “You can relax your hands, Jim,” he says. As if they have a mind of their own, they reach up and lower down his, FUCK, MY, underwear. He’s cock starts to grow and get hard. I hear him clacking on the keyboard as I lick the head of his cock until it’s fully erect and I’d have to lean up to get it. Fuck, he said it’s 8 x 8 and I believe it! That thickness….I thought mine was good at 5 inches thick.

    “Suck on my nuts, Jim,” he says, his eyes never looking down. Just expecting me to obey.

    Because I will.

    Because I have no choice.

    I get a little closer. He spreads his legs. Still not looking down. I have to look up at him, while I suck and lick his balls.



    Not caring at all that I’m here. Just expecting me to obey.

    And I am.


    “Make sure you are always looking up at me,” He says.

    “Yes, Sir,” I say as I tongue his balls with the flat of my tongue. He reached down and gives me a rub on the head. Crap, that was for me calling him Sir. I didn’t even have to! And he rewarded me. I feel the hair on his balls. I take his closet ball and try to get it into my mouth. Fuck, even his balls are large. I then suck on it and gently pull away feeling the ball pull away and his hair in-between my lips and then they fall free.

    Something hits me on the nose.

    He’s leaking again. I start to lick up the shaft to catch it as it comes down.

    “Stay on my balls,” he orders. I quickly go back to them. I hear him do a few more clicks on the keyboard. “Hey, I need your credit card to place this order.”

    “What?” I say. “I’m not buying you underwear. You can do that on your own.”

    “You’re going to buy me this order, Jim. Otherwise, my dad and your commanding officer will get those texts,” he said looking down at me with that stare. This time, it doesn’t work.

    “You won’t do that,” I said standing up and looking down at him. This reminds me that I am taller, barely, than he is.

    “The Hell I won’t, Jim.”

    “No, you won’t,” I said forcefully. “And here’s the reasons why. One, if you do that, you lose your only opportunity to live out all of your sexual fantasies. Two, if you do that, you lose out on learning how to use that fucking monster cock of yours. Three, if you do that, you lose your cocksucker. Are you really willing to lose all of that simply because you’re too cheap to buy your own God damned underwear?”

    Again, that real, genuine, smile, erupted across his face. That’s twice now and it throwing me for a loop.

    “What?” I say angrily. “What are you smiling about?”

    Still keeping that smile, he reaches up and sets his hand against my face.

    “Thank you,” he says, still smiling. I’m still angry but I’m cooling down. “You’re a smart man, Jim. You’ll figure it out, eventually. Now, follow me to the bathroom,” he says as he reaches down and grabs his, MY, underwear. “I’m going to keep these, too, if you don’t mind,” he says, not even bothering to look back at me.

    We get to the master bathroom.

    “Get in the shower,” he says. I get in the shower. Get on my knees with my hands behind my back. He moves to the door, grabs his cock at the base and spreads his legs a little.


    He leans forward a little and I watch, as if in slow motion, his piss blasts out. He pisses on my cock. And I hear it splatter off my body and onto the shower floor. The smell is strong! I hold my breath. The pissing stops. “Keep breathing, boy. This is one of my fantasies.” I nod my head, hold it down and start to breath again.

    A few seconds goes by.

    Then a few more.

    I look up at him and he unloads a stream right onto my face.

    I feel hit my forehead and start down my cheeks.

    I smell it even stronger now.

    He moves the stream onto my head.

    Into my hair.

    Across my lips.

    I feel it running down my chest, through my abs.

    Back down, over my cock.

    Suddenly, the stream stops.

    “Look at me, boy,” he orders. All this time, my arms never left parade rest. Fuck. Army obedience.

    I look up at him.

    “I’m going to give you a choice. I can finish up pissing either in your mouth or somewhere else on your body.”

    “Somewhere else,” I reply automatically. I can taste some piss that did get in my mouth. I don’t want any more of that!

    “Put your face down, in the drain, then use your hands to pull apart your ass cheeks,” he commands. Crap, I’m now face first in his piss as it’s draining past me. And then it hits me. My ass is exposed! I’ve never liked my ass touched or rimmed. And now, this 18 year old is going to try and fuck me! This past day, all he’s been concentrating on is a blowjob. Even though he said I was going to be his sex toy, I thought it was just oral. I’ll never take that thing in my ass!

    This position reminds me of my waterboard training. I was so scared that day. I’m that scared again!

    Roughly, I feel him run his hand up and down my ass.

    I take a deep breath, instinctively, and breathe in the scent of his piss.

    He slaps my ass with his cock. It’s floppy. Thank God. It’s not that hard monster!

    I feel him, while his piss is now floating around my head trying to get to the drain. He places his head against my hole.

    “Relax,” he says calmly.

    Ican’tIcan’tIcan’tIcan’t, I tell myself in complete fear. He’s going to rip me open! I’m back in training!!

    Then I feel him push against me. I catch my breath and close my eyes.

    I feel something wet, and hard with force, hit my hole. I clench even harder!

    I realize he’s trying to piss in my ass. When I realize that, I suddenly become calm and my hole relaxes.

    And gives just a little.

    Just enough to let some of the stream in. I don’t even know what to think. Just that I am happy he’s not fucking me!

    A few more moments and then he stops pissing.

    “Turn around,” he says. I quickly turn around. Hands at parade rest. “Good,” he says, patting my cheek. Then realizing his hand is coated in his piss, he reaches out and grabs a towel and wipes his hand on it. “Clean my cock, boy.”

    I’m so numb with relief that he didn’t try to fuck me that I take his deflating cock in one hand and put it in my mouth. As much as I can. I don’t even know how much I get in there.

    But I suck on it.

    Tasting his piss

    I lick it.

    Tasting his sweat.

    I pull it out and lick all inside his hood.

    Smelling that musty, piss smell and tasting some of it that was trapped in his foreskin.

    “That’s the type of enthusiasm I want to see from now on, is that understood?” He asks looking down at me.

    “Yes, Sir,” I say looking up at him. I’m shaking. And I’m not sure if it’s with fear because I know, at some point he is going to fuck me. Or with relief, because he didn’t fuck me now.

    “Good,” he says, rubbing my head. He then dries his hand again on the towel.

    “Mother is going out of town this weekend, starting Friday, to go see dad,” he says, finishing drying his hand, then placing the towel over my head so I can’t see him, “I want to fuck your wife that night. I want you there, too.”

    “Sir, I don’t know if I can make that happen,” I said. He wants to fuck Char! He wants to fuck her in front of me!

    He reaches under the towel, under my chin, and tilts my head up.

    I still can’t see him!

    “I know you’re shaking because you thought I was going to fuck you, Jim.” He says. “And I plan on fucking you. Long. Hard. Without mercy. But only when the time is right. If I have to fuck you, before then, as a punishment, you will not like that, is that understood?”

    “Sir, yes, Sir,” I said, forcefully. Suddenly, I’m back in my waterboard training.

    “Thank you for the underwear and making me smile two times,” he said. “It’s quarter to nine, Jim. You need to get to base. Luckily, it’s not too far.”

    I hear him walk out of the bathroom. A few minutes later, I hear the front door close.

    I did something that made him smile.


    I was face first in his piss.

    I’m covered with his piss.

    I’m now kneeling in his piss.

    He wants to fuck me.

    He wants to fuck Char.

    He wants to fuck Char in front of me.

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