What are your expectations for a serious long term/marriage relationship?

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    So what sorts of things are important for you in a long term relationship? What are your expectations?
    I'm the kind of guy that needs emotional connectedness and investment. To share about yourself and share your memories. Share your sexuality and explore your desires and fantasies together. To be with someone that I'm totally comfortable with and I share some, if not a lot of common interests and views. Someone who opens up to me and I can open up to them-to be real together.

    Much of this sounds pretty common sense, but I've dated some people that wanted me for the long haul-but also wanted didn't want to share much of themselves or open up. Some of them were afraid that they will "lose themselves" if they share-personally I think sharing makes you more of an individual in part because so many people don't open up and are afraid of sharing. Some of these girls just wanted me around, even if we weren't doing the same thing, but just to be "together" i.e, in the same house etc. That, and with the lack of true emotional investment, made me feel like a glorified roommate. Fuck that.

    Any other views?
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