What are your experiences with the medical profession?

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    Alright, I know that physicians study hard and long, often go into tremendous educational debt, work long hours, and are relentlessly pressured by the insurance industry. I know that there are all sorts of physicians some of whom are incredibly kind, competent, and respectful towards their patients. I like and trust a number of physicians and some are actual friends. And there are the others.

    That said, the bottom line is how they treat patients and I have had a number of very frustrating and disappointing experiences along with some that were wonderful. I worked in a medical school for a number of years and the experience educated me to the fact that physicians vary tremendously in their skills, attitudes, and ethics. I also learned that it is a "tough union." The profession holds little mystique for me. Unfortunately, I have health issues that require me to interact with physicians on a fairly frequent basis. I say unfortunately because heaving health problems can be a piece of cake compared to trying to get appropriate health care. Having worked in a medical school, I know who misappropriated federal funds, who married a patient, who attempted suicide, who commited suicide, who stalked a hospital receptionist to the point of breaking into her home, and who relentlessly harrassed a patient to lose weight, missing the fact that the patient had a thirty-five pound tumor in her abdomen.

    I'll open with the positive experiences in order to not start this off as a total rant. A psychiatrist friend is incredibly dedicated to some of the most phychiatrically ill people I have ever known. My previous interninst (I moved) and my current family practice doc are very empathic and respectful along with being very competent. A surgeon I know went way out on a political limb to fix a mess a very powerful bigwig (well known as "one really mean son of a bitch") had left behind. I recently had surgery, necessitated because of eggregious malpractice, and both the surgeon and anesthesiologist were both very competent and kind.

    So what kinds of experiences have you had while trying to be heard and treated?

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    Well, as a patient, I am fortunate to not have had any major problems that have necessitated too much contact with the medical profession, other than one small recurring issue which I have to say has been dealt with quickly and kindly each time.

    Professionally, I have worked with or dealt with Physicians and Surgeons my entire career and found that, just like other professions, there is a variety of personalities within that group.

    There are the real 'care givers' with kind hearts and good bed side manners, but of course, there are the real bastards too.

    Fortunately, being in the UK, the whole 'medical insurance' side and 'making money' doesn't come into it as much as over in the US, though there are many who are building private practises and, imo, losing the 'big picture' of what they should be doing - ie making people better healthwise.

    They are all hard working high-achievers. They have to be to be able to work their way through med school and internships. They also deal with the saddest cases and horrific illnesses and accidents. That stuff has to harden off the softest souls really, doesn't it!?

    So I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt, based on the fact they work bloody hard and I'm glad they're there when we need them!
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