What do I want to look like?

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    So I've recently gotten into weight lifting! I've never done this before, its always been just running or .....yea running.

    But now I've gotten into weight lifting, I've been being coached by friends, I can see changes already and I still have quite a bit of weight I want to lose.
    Anyways, I've been reading a lot on a forum and they say you should pick a body type that you want to look like. There are a lot of user profiles with people who will help you out with what they do so you can form your workouts like they do. But I can't figure out what I want to look like!

    I Know that I don't want to be a big giant meat head, but I don't want to be a super skinny cut up guy either. I guess I could just ask you here on this board on some types that you like that I could look through and see if I can identify with any certain body type.

    Just so you know I'm 6'2'' and I'm pretty wide, even when I was skinny I used to be able to fit into some fat peoples jackets and such so I guess I'm sort of broad. I don't know if that will help at all but I figure it might be something to think about.

    Mostly my goal is to lose weight by eating right but I like weight lifting its a lot of fun and I know that I can use it to shape my body to be how I want it, I just don't quite know how exactly I want it yet other than skinnier! lol.
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    Have you checked out the photo galleries at BodySpace - Latest Member Photos - Bodybuilding.com Photo Gallery ?? Tons of guys (and gals) and body types. Plenty to browse through and see which one you'd like to look like. Remember your own physical makeup will dictate to some extent what you *can* look like. For example, you say you're pretty broad so obviously the skinny twink type won't be possible for you ... not that you want that from what you have said.

    In short, have fun with it and eat, lift, rest, eat, repeat!
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