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    I was driving around with a woman in her car on a first encounter. It wasn't a declared date. We had bumped into each other twice previously and expressed attraction to each other on the phone. I told her I dug her and she said likewise. We ended up back at her place. I felt like I should kiss her. I hesitated. She said, "you're funny"

    She was talking about her issues, of which I have similar ones. And I opened up. Way too much.

    At some point I went in to kiss her and she pulled away.

    She pointed out that I looked visibly deflated.

    We discussed things and the dreaded word friend came up a lot.

    She basically said she just got out of a relationship and didn't want anything right now.

    I felt rejected and pushed the issue of her saying what she was really feeling since I thought that was a cover for the truth of either she doesn't like me that way or I fucked up by talking too much.

    She added that I "had it going on". As in she found me attractive.

    She said she only fucks in a relationship and that relationships suck because someone always gets too attached and hurt.

    She also said she respected me too much to just hook up with me. She admitted there were guys she had previously hooked up with on a first encounter because she didn't respect them the way she respects me.

    Is that a copout?

    At some point I told her I have enough friends already. She said that was cool, and then a second later said "no it isn't."

    I told her I wanted to have sex with her. But later I said she was beautiful and it was ok if we were to be just friends.

    We ended up passionately making out for a minute.

    I pulled back because of some of my own physical hangups.

    I have bitchtits.

    She didn't believe me.
    We played show me yours and I'll show you mine.

    She said mine were nice. I told her hers were too but that it sounded weird that "mine" are "nice."

    That was the end of the night.

    She says we will hang out again.

    But I am dubious.

    I like her. But am not sure I should invest energy into this since I can't tell if she is actually into me or if she just made out with me because she felt bad.

    The making out seemed good.
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    Encounters like that are one of the reasons I'm a shut-in. :p

    I'm sure the whole "too much respect" thing could possibly be a cop-out, but it's better than her saying "eww" or something entirely too truthful.

    But, if she really does want to be friends, see if she'll be your "wing-man" to help find someone that wants more than friendship.
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