What Else Could Go Wrong In Japan?

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    After Earthquakes, Nuclear Radiation, Tsunami, Radioactive water supply, and a Volcano erupting what else has hit Japan? Sub-Ultraviolet Radiation (sUV) is now a growing concern. Due to the numerous disasters, and Japans tightly packed population, and the growing number of homeless, more people in Japan are being exposed to the extreme amount of sUV that already exists in Japan.

    sUV has been linked to cause cancer, prolonged exposure to unsafe levels does cause blindness, migraines, and can has the ability to dramatically change people moods, normally for the worse. In high enough doses it can even kill.

    The worst part is sUV from Japan may find it's way to coastal areas in North America, like Alaska, California, or British Columbia. Of course China will probably be affected but thats not important.

    Using normal UV protection does not protect against sUV so I strongly suggest if your going outside and are worried about low level doses of radiation you get UV and sUV protection.

    Well, thats all the time we have for now, next up dihydrogen monoxide, it's killed over 8000 in Japan already, and your child might be playing with it right now and not even know, more about that at 6.

    Dihydrogen Monoxide - DHMo_Org DIHDRYOGEN MONOXIDE Headline Page

    (Everything in the above post is fact and true, if you would like links to sources I'll gladly provide them)
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