What his penis doesn't do (anymore)

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    In the spirit of information (arguably too much information), this blogger opens up about his penis, its trials, and tribulations.

    However uncomfortable it is...every guy should read this, if only to inspire all to have their prostate checked, regularly. He writes...

    Incontinence and impotence are two frightening words for a grown man but they are the side-effects of removing the prostate and its cancer with it. Worth the price, or at least thatÂ’s the calculation one makes beforehand: Cancer or erections? Cancer or dry underwear? Cancer loses.

    My dad has prostate cancer...not the aggressive kind, but the kind that he claims all men will die of eventually if nothing else kills us first. He had a portion removed 20 years ago...and has been frustrated by the same issues this blogger discusses. However, I've never read anything like this article before.

    For more information, you can read more here.
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    I had to deal with some of these same issues last year when I had a prostrate scare when my PSA numbes came back very high. I did a LOT of reading on prostrate cancer and its treatment and realized that perhaps some of the treatments were worse than the cancer itself!

    I had to determine if the doctors detected I had cancer would I be any different than the very large number of men walking around who have it but don't even realize they have it compared to the complications that can arise out of surgery. Some of the treatments were so extreme as casteration! No thank you.

    I wanted to leave a life that I felt was complete. The side effects of many of the surgeries left a man feeling very much less of a man. I strongly suggest everyone read up on the options and consider the long range effects of life after surgery and also realize that many man do have prostrate cancer and do not have any side effects from it.

    My PSA numbers were near 15 with above 3 or 4 being high so my doctor wanted to get me in for testing soon. I asked to have the PSA test taken again but he said "no". I wished I would have demanded it. What they don't tell you is that if you've ejaculated 24 to 48 hours BEFORE your exam it could influence a wrong reading on the PSA test!

    As a result they scheduled me for a prostrate biopsy 4 weeks later, which meant I had to live in fear that I had prostrate cancer during that time and comprehend the concequences of treatment. The prostrate biopsy consisted of inserting a probe up my butt and injecting 12 hollow core needles into my prostrate to take sames from it. These samples were then analyzed in the lab and a week later came back negative.

    The side effect of this very intrusive biopsy was I now suffer from "retrograde ejaculation" which means I hardly ejaculate anything when I cum. What was once a pearly necklace sprouting out of me has been reduced to a couple of pearly earrings. While the feeling is somewhat the same there just isn't any amount of volume which can play havoc on a man's mind.

    If you have high PSA numbers PLEASE demand a recount!
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