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    The whole point in me writing this is because I have often been told it would be impossible to have peace in this world. I truly believe that it is possible that someday, somehow the world will be a much better place, I mean is it truly wrong to have dreams of better things for this world, to do something to help someone and not expect anything in return. Is it wrong to want to be able to walk down the streets without having the worries of getting mugged or killed? Is it really wrong to to have the hope of not worrying about kids after you send them to the bus stop? I know this is not a reality. But whats wrong with me having these dreams of love and peace in this world, I do not dream of a perfect world because that is impossible I do not want a perfect world, just a little respect among men and women, just a little understanding, just maybe a little more caring for each other and I am not just talking my country here I am talking all countries, wouldn't it be nice if our different governments could respect their differences in how they have laws set up or respecting how different cultures and societies do things. I truly believe that these things could happen, but am not sure when. I know it may not be possible at this time but I should have the respect of having and sharing my dreams without my dreams being insulted and shut down. I am not saying any of you will shut this down I am saying I have had my dreams shut down by others. Yes I may be child like with my dreams and hopes for the world but whats wrong with that? I seriously just want to be me without having to fear for my safety or my life. I pretty much would love for the world to be a better place. So please share your thoughts in what I have to say.

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